Brooklinen Sheets Review – Should You Buy Them and is Percale for You?

Sarah Riccio: Hey, gang. It’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. Today we’ll be taking a look at the ClassicCore sheet set from Brooklinen. I’m going to show you what they’re made of. What I’m loving about them and what I’m notso crazy about. You can decide if this might be the rightsheet set for you. If after this video, you’re really not surethis is the right fit, just google “Sleepopolis best sheets.” We’ll help you find the bedding that is bestfor you.Let’s get started. [music] Sarah: The sheets are on the mattress. Before we get into what they’re made of, justwant to take a second to acknowledge the packaging that they came in. The sheet set comes in this cute tote bag. It’s got the Brooklinen insignia on each side. It feels really durable and it’s a prettygood size, so you can, of course, use it for practical bedding storage. You could also use it to carry your books,small laptop or other knick-knacks. I like when bedding brands offer little perkslike that. Props for a cute packaging. These sheets are made from 100 percent long-staplecotton. They feature a 270 thread count in a percaleweave. Basically, that’s leaving them feeling breathable,cool, crisp and in the words of the folks at Brooklinen, “hotel bed” feel. Right away, I can tell why they call it theClassic Core set. Because it does have that classic percalepersonality, super-crisp to the touch, very cool, super-breathable, also very light andairy. I’m definitely getting the sense that theseare going to be a go-to in the summertime. What you’re getting with each set is a fittedsheet capable of accommodating mattresses up to 15 inches deep, which are relativelydeep pockets.Folks with taller mattresses, this might beparticularly beneficial for you. I’m on a mattress right now that’s about 11inches deep. There was an excess fabric that is tightlytucked underneath the mattress for a really snug fit. Comes with one top sheet, which like I said,it’s giving me this very crisp, hotel-bed feel. I can feel, it’s very light and breathableand very lightweight. I’m definitely getting a sense, these arevery cooling Then you get two pillowcases which featurethese little envelope closures on the side, which is, in my opinion, a big perk. These little details like envelope closures,that in my opinion make a big difference because you got this little piece of extra fabrichere.There’s none of these like tag, pillow spillageout of the side. It doesn’t have the slit down in the middle. This is definitely how I like my pillowcasesto be. My first impression of these sheets is thatthey’re definitely, like I said, what I referred to as a classic percale personality. Even taking what we know about percale, whichis light, cool, airy and crisp, taking all those factors to the next level a little bit. These don’t feel just a little crisp, lightand airy, they feel very much all of those things. I’m pretty excited to see how they perform. Let’s get in and check it out. [music] Sarah: As soon as I jump into bed, the firstthing I’m noticing is how cool and breathable these are. Definitely seeing that they’re going to bea go-to in the summertime. As I’m billowing the top sheet over my body,I’m feeling that they’re more than just breathable. They’re actively serving to cool me down.I am a year-round hot sleeper, so it’s a goodchance that I would use these for year-round use. However, if you’re not prone to night sweatslike I am, or you are not a hot sleeper, you might want to save these for the summer months. Another thing I am realizing is that thesemay be the crispest percale sheets I’ve ever tested. Definitely giving me those hotel-bed vibes. They’re super-crisp, like I said, very thatpercale personality, but even more so. Something that the crispness is contributingto a little bit is a crinkling noise.[crinkling sound] I don’t know if you canhear, but when you’re bunching the fabric together, even rolling around in bed, youcan definitely hear a lot of crinkling. I’m a pretty sound sleeper, certainly wouldn’tbe enough to wake me up. But if you are sensitive to those crinkling,swishy noises, something to keep in mind. Like I said, definitely keeping in line withwhat we know about percale, it’s light, it’s breathable, it’s airy. Another thing [laughs] is they’re definitelywrinkly. Even just removing them from the packaging,they were already pretty wrinkled. It’s something that’s pretty characteristicof percale. I’m noticing of a little more pronounced withthese sheets than what some other percale sheets I’ve tested. Luckily, they are machine-wash and dryable,so I would definitely want to remove them from the dry cycle as soon as it’s finishedyou can spread over the mattress when they’re still warm and wrinkle-free.That should serve to keep the wrinkles atbay. Something I’m also loving though is that thefitted sheet is staying very snugly put on the mattress. I am a combo sleeper. When I’m rolling around at night, I need toknow if the fitted sheet is not going slip off the mattress. It’s not going to have the gapping or bunchingat all. As you can see it’s still got a very tightfit on the mattress, that’s important to me. Also loving the envelope enclosures of thepillows. When you want to embrace your pillow…IfI’m sleeping on my stomach and I want to put my arms underneath, I like that there’s noway for my hand to get caught, when this slit is sometimes down the middle. I’m liking that. I will say that they’re definitely very lightalmost bordering on a little thin. Hot sleepers, this product is going to begood pick for you. Folks who love the cool crispness of percale,definitely a good recommendation.Ultimately, I’m feeling like this is a veryclassic core bedding essential. I think would be a great addition to any beddingcollection. There’s lot to like about these sheets, butjust to name a few. They’re obviously going to keep even the hottestof sleepers cool. As I’m rolling around in these sheets, I amfeeling their cooling, breathable nature. Feeling really light and airy, like I said,definitely going to be a great pick for those warmer summer months, or if you are a year-roundhot sleeper like myself, it might be great for year-round use, but definitely lovingthe cooling quality.Another thing is they are, like I said, maybethe crispest percale sheets I have ever tested. They’re really giving you that fresh hotel-bedfeel. If you are a sleeper who loves that crisppercale nature, you might be particularly compatible with these. Another thing is these small details likethe envelope closures of the pillowcase, especially the labeling of the fitted sheet. It’s got the short-side label short, the long-sidelabel long. You can breeze past that fitted sheet shuffling. I am in favor of anything that’s going toget the bed made faster. I like that between the nice envelope closuresand the labeling of the fitted sheet.Brooklinen’s making my whole sleep experiencea little bit easier. Couple of things to note about these sheets. Firstly, like I said, they are super-crisp. In my opinion, almost a little too crisp. Again, this is totally a matter of personalpreference, but in my experience, it almost felt like the super-crisp nature of thesesheets detract a little bit from the softness. Granted, I do prefer a silky smooth satinweave.I’m putting my own personal preference onthis. If you are sleeper for whom sheets can neverbe too crisp, definitely want to give these a try. Another thing that I am noticing about thesesheets is that they do wrinkle really easily. Again, this is very characteristic of a percaleweave, so it’s not specific to Brooklinen sheets. But it’s something to keep in mind. These definitely wrinkle pretty easily andwrinkle pretty much throughout. Luckily, they’re machine-dryable. Running them through the dry cycle and pullingthem out when they’re still warm and wrinkle-free spreading them out on the mattress like thatit’s going to help keep those wrinkles at bay.Lastly, the super-crisp nature of these sheets,in my opinion, is contributing a little bit to a crinkling sound. Again, it’s not that big of a deal. I doubt it’s going to keep you up at night,certainly wouldn’t keep me up. But something worth noting when you roll aroundthese sheets, when you’re rubbing into the fabric, there’s definitely some crinklinggoing on. That wraps up this review, but for every lastdetail on these sheets, be sure to check out my written review which you can find out bygoogling “Sleepopolis Brooklinen sheets.” I do hope you found this review to be helpful.If you did, be sure to subscribe to our channel,give us a thumbs up and follow us on social media. We keep putting out content with one thingin mind, to get you, the best sleep you can. Of course, if you have any questions, comments,concerns please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and we’ll be happyto help. Thanks for watching, guys. I’ll see you next time. [music].

Douglas Mattress Review – Is This the Canadian Bed for You?

[music] Logan Block: Hi. It’s Logan from Today, I’m going to be taking a look at theDouglas Mattress from Novosbed. It’s a Canadian company, and the Douglas is100 percent designed, constructed, and shipped in Canada. I’m going to put the mattress through a fewtests and give some general recommendations at the end of the review. If you are interested in a personal recommendation,please feel free to leave a note in the comment section below with some information aboutyourself and some of your sleep preferences. I’ll be sure to get back to you. I’m going to start the review with the constructionportion. We’re going to begin that with the cover whichis made with a Tencel blend. Tencel is an ecofriendly material which ismade from eucalyptus trees. It’s really soft and actually does a goodjob of wicking away moisture, which is going to help with cooling during the night.Now, I also want to make a note that the coveris removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. Let’s take a look underneath the cover atthe layers of the mattress. The Douglass mattress is an all-foam constructionmade of three different layers. It’s standing 10 inches in height. The top layer, or the comfort layer, is twoinches of gel memory foam. It’s soft, so it’s going to allow you to sinkin for pressure relief. Like memory foam, it has this slow responseto pressure. It’s going to provide that contouring feelingyou might expect out of a classic memory foam. Memory foam, at times, can be known for trappinga bit of body heat causing you to overheat while you sleep. The gel infusion in this layer is actuallygoing to help to dissipate the body heat, draw it away from the sleeper, to help yousleep a bit cooler. The layer below that is two inches of Springtexfoam, or Energex foam. It also is pretty soft, so it’s going to allowyou to sink in for pressure relief as well.However, this has a bit of a quicker responseto pressure which is going to help you to fend against a stuck feeling in the mattress. I should also note that Springtex, or Energexfoam, it’s a bit latex-like, so it also has some good temperature regulation and coolingproperties. It acts as a bit of a transition from thesofter contouring of the gel memory foam going through the mattress to the base of the mattresshere, which is six inches of poly foam. It’s a bit firmer. Has a quick response to pressure. This layer acts as the foundation of the Douglas,providing support to the layers of foam above it as well as some deep compression supportto the sleeper on top of the mattress.[silence] Now that we’ve seen what makes up the Douglassmattress, it’s time to get an idea for the feel and firmness of it. I’ll going to start by pressing into the cover. The first thing I feel is that soft gel memoryfoam comfort layer contouring to my hand. Add a little bit more pressure. I start to interact with the transition layerbelow that, which is also pretty soft so I’m able to sink pretty far into the mattress. I’m going to lie down on my back. On my back even with my weight pretty evenlydistributed, I do feel like I’m sinking into the mattress a little bit. I can feel it kind of contour around my bodyand fill in the space beneath my lower back. As I change positions because of that slowerresponse to pressure from the gel memory foam, I can feel like I’m a little bit sunken intothe mattress.Now I’m on my side here. Side sleepers want to be extra conscious ofpressure forming because of that increased weight concentration over a lower surfacearea. It pushes you further into the mattress, andyou tend to interact with more of the support layers of the mattress. Because of that, side sleepers do tend tolike softer mattresses as they allow them to sink further in for pressure relief. A lot of side sleepers do complain about pressurepoints forming at the shoulders and the hips, which can cause aches and pains. We are going to take a closer look at pressurelater on in the review. However, I did just want to point out nowthat I do feel like this mattress is a little bit on the softer side of a medium firmness,so I don’t really feel any pressure forming while lying in this position.I’m going to roll onto my stomach. Stomach sleepers, the opposite of side sleepers,tend to prefer firmer mattresses as they do a good job of keeping their hips from sinkingin, keeping their spines in a good position. As I mentioned before, I do feel like thismattress is a little bit on the softer side of a medium firmness. I do feel my hips sinking in a little bit,but everyone can feel firmness a little bit differently because of different sizes andweight distribution.For reference, I’m about 5’10, 190 pounds. If you would like a wider variety of opinionson the firmness of the Douglas and a little bit more detailed description on the feelof it, you can check out the written review at Instead of just describing the feel of theDouglas to you, I’m going to give you a visual representation of where pressure points mightform while lying on the mattress. To do that, I’ve laid this pressure map downon top of the mattress. I’m going to lie down on it. You’ll see the results next to me, rangingfrom blue for low pressure to red for high pressure. I’m going to start on my back. Roll onto my side. Try a few positions here on my side. Finally, on my stomach. Just to give you a better idea of the bounceon the Douglas, I have this 10-pound steel ball. I’m dropping it here. As you can see, it’s not too bouncy. This is pretty low response in terms of bouncinesson a mattress. While we’re here, we’re also going to runa quick motion transfer test.Basically, I have a seismometer set up onone side of the bed. Where someone might be sleeping on the otherside, I’m going to drop the same 10-pound steel ball from heights of 4, 8, and 12 inchesto simulate someone rolling around in the middle of the night on the other side of thebed. The disturbance that’s transferred acrossthe mattress is measured by the seismometer. You’re going to see the results on screennow. In my opinion, these are impressive resultsin terms of disturbance transferred and what you might feel if someone’s moving aroundon the other side of the mattress. The memory foam does a good job of mufflingor dulling the disturbance transferred across the bed. Now, a lot of people buying a mattress aregoing to want to know if they’re going to feel like they’re sitting on top of or sinkinginto the mattress. To test this, we have our sinkage test inwhich we use four balls of varying sizes, weights, and densities to simulate differentbody parts and check to see how far into the mattress they sink. We have our 6-pound medicine ball. It’s filled with sand.It simulates a lighter body part. 10-pound steel ball, it’s the densest ballwe use during this test. 50-pound medicine ball, it’s also filled withsand and simulates kind of a heavier portion of your body. Finally, we have this 100-pound medicine ball. If you’re a bit bigger, it stimulates thecenter of your body. In terms of sinkage, we have an inch and ahalf for the 6-pound medicine ball, two and a half inches for the steel ball, four anda half inches for the 50-pound ball, and just over six inches for the 100-pound medicineball. When I’m comparing these to other mattresses,these are a bit above average in terms of results. You are going to feel like you’re sinkinginto the mattress a little bit with that contouring feeling from the memory foam.I definitely didn’t have any stuck feelingin the mattress. I’m able to change positions. However, you’re definitely going to feel likeyou’re sinking into the Douglas a bit. If you plan on sharing your bed with a partnerand you need to use the entire surface area of the mattress, edge support is somethingyou’re going to want to take a look at. A mattress with a strong edge support is goingto allow you to sleep all the way to the side and make the bed feel a little bit bigger. Now, when I’m lying near the side of the Douglas,over here there’s an even feel from the center of the mattress. That’s nice.Let’s get really close to the edge of themattress here. You can see some of the contouring from thatgel memory foam pushing through those softer layers of foam, which is to be expected, butthe lower foam, the high-density poly foam base, is holding up. I’m going to roll onto my side here, evenhang off the mattress again. Again, you see me push through those softerfoams, which is to be expected. You can see it contouring to my body, howthat works a bit. Now I’m going to sit up on the side of themattress here.Think putting your shoes on in the morningor getting into bed at night. It does a good job of showing what an increasedweight concentration will do to the side portion of the bed. As you can see, I’m pushing right throughthe softer foams on top, again to be expected from softer foams, but the high-density polyfoam base is holding up. Overall, pretty good edge support from theDouglas. Just to give you some basic information aboutthe Douglas mattress, there’s a 120-day trial period, a 15-year warranty, and shipping isfree. It’ll arrive compressed in a box. Now, who do I recommend this mattress to? Is Canadian shoppers. As I mentioned before, the Douglas is 100percent designed, manufactured, and shipped in Canada, which means there’s some savingsthat they can pass on to Canadian shoppers. I’d also recommend the Douglas as a valuepurchase. It’s a quality mattress with good materialsthat comes in at a reasonable price. Finally, I would recommend this mattress forthose looking for a softer foam feel, someone like a side sleeper. The two inches of gel memory foam on top aswell as the soft transition layer allow you to sink in a bit for pressure relief.Those are some general recommendations, ifyou do want some examples of sleepers who I think might be a good fit here. Let’s say you’re 220 pounds — I’m sorry,I don’t have the metric conversion – you’re a stomach sleeper, I don’t know that I wouldrecommend the Douglas to you as I think your hips might sink in a little bit and throwyour back out of line. If you’re 150 pounds, you’re a side sleeper,I think the Douglas would be a good choice for you as you will be able to sink in forpressure relief.Now, those are some pretty specific examples. If you are looking for a personal recommendationor you have any questions that I didn’t cover during the review, please feel free to leavea note in the comment section below with some information about yourself and some of yoursleep preferences. I’ll be sure to get back to you. Also, if your mattress buying search has justbegun, please Google Sleepopolis and Mattress Buying Guide. It’s going to have a lot of information aboutmattresses, different materials used. It’s going to help you on your search. Finally, please subscribe to the SleepopolisYouTube channel as we’re going to keep putting out more content that’s going to help youget a better night’s sleep. That’s it for the review today. I hope it was helpful. Have a nice day. [music].

Ettitude Sheets Review – Bamboo Bedding for Eco-Friendly Sleep?

[music] Sarah: hey guys. It’s Sarah from Sleepopolis and in these days we’retaking a appear at the Bamboo Lyocell Sheets Set from Ettitude. I will be sincere, I’ve never tested a set ofbamboo Lyocell sheets before. I’m just excited as you are to peer what it’sall about. Keep tuned. [music] Sarah: All right. Sheets are on the bed, however before I get intomy first impressions of the sheets, I simply wish to say that whilst you’re observing thisvideo you probably have any questions or comments, desire a personal advice from me — pleasefeel free to provide me a shout within the comment section bellow.I’d be pleased to support. Now I must be sincere, i am fairly feelingwowed by these sheets. First of all, i do know that they’re made frombamboo Lyocell, for the reason that of direction it is within the title, but they think just like silk. They’re so silky tender, so mild. I’m loving how they variety of simply drape overmy body form and over the mattress. Just particularly impressed with the aid of how glossy and luxuriousthey seem and think. I am also noticing that, true to bamboo-basedbedding, they definitely are really wrinkly. They came out of the bundle that method andeven after washing and drying them, they’re nonetheless pretty wrinkly. That’s valued at noting. Another believe i’m noticing is that this reallysilky think is also contributing to a little bit little bit of a slippery think.I’m noticing that the highest sheet in the pillowcasesare sort of slipping and sliding across the mattress a little bit. I’m going to be totally honest, that is my form ofsheet. They may be light, they are breathable, they’resuper silky. Let’s take a more in-depth examination of what exactlythey’re made from. As the name advocate, these are constituted of a hundred-percentbamboo Lyocell. This is the manufacturer’s flagship material. It is a sustainable fabric made from renewableplant-based substances aka very eco-friendly. I’ve honestly tested various bedding productsmade from Lyocell and it consistently brings this quite delicate, soft, breathable qualitiesto the game which i really like. Usual Lyocell, just like the bedding thatI’ve verified up to now, is constituted of dissolving timber pulp. Whereas bamboo Lyocell is made specificallyfrom dissolving bamboo pulp.Bamboo pulp is overwhelmed, washed and then spuninto this attractive lustrous fabric that you see right here. Bamboo situated bedding comes with numerous perkswhich is why it can be a distinct favorite of mine. For illustration, bamboo founded bedding is naturallymoisture-wicking, super long lasting, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial. The record goes on and on. For these causes, numerous sleepers specificallylook for bamboo-situated bedding. Personally the motive that i love bamboo basedbedding a lot is due to the fact of those naturally moisture-wicking and super breathable residences. I’m a hot sleeper so these naturally moisturewaking residences are helping me to variety of keep recent and dry. The breath-ability of course helps todissipate my body’s warmness. So what are you getting with each set? Good, you’re getting a top sheet, a geared up-sheet,and two pillowcases. Now, it is worth noting if you happen to get a twin-sizedset it does best include one pillowcase.To provide you with a appear at what the pillowcaselooks like — that is simply the common queen dimension — it does feature these envelope closureshere which form of snugly tucks the pillows away, which is a further individual preferenceof mine. Now I’ve obtained the set here in a colour calledBlue Nights and as you will find it’s this rather gorgeous, deep colour blue. This sheet set really is available in 9 differentcolors so that you absolutely have room to sort of get inventive with the cultured. It’s no secret that these sheets are gettinghigh marks from me but, let’s take a more in-depth seem at which sleepers are going to be mostcompatible with these sheets.To begin with these sheets are so silky. If you have been watching for a sheet set thathas the entire smoothness of silk, with the entire typical perks of bamboo, this would very wellbe the sheet set for you. What are the perks of bamboo-based bedding? It is sustainably sourced so it is eco-friendly. It’s hypoallergenic, moisture waking, andit’s tremendous durable. You aren’t just napping on sheets that areearth friendly, you are additionally napping on sheets which can be constructed to last you a good lengthy while. Anything that I normally seem for in sheetsis convenient wash care and these obviously qualify. All you’ve got got to do is wash on a bloodless surroundings,tumble dry on low warmth, and that’s it. I ought to say that i have washed and driedthese and that i was once particularly impressed by means of how good they retained both their colour and their luster. A further thing valued at noting about this beddingis in case you are on the hunt for bedding that offers a crisp suppose, this is not it. Like I said, it is tremendous silky, very smooth,and by no means crisp.If you are watching for crisp bedding, I recommendlooking in the cotton percale part. Finally, ranging from about $one hundred forty to $200 thesesheets just usually are not going to be in each person’s fee variety. However, they do come with a generous 30-nighttrial period in which you will have thirty days to scan it out, see how it fits into yourlifestyle. In case you don’t like it, just send it on backfor a refund. [music] well, that’s it for me but for each lastdetail on this cooling and lustrous sheet set, be certain to investigate out my full writtenreview which is linked beneath. Incidentally, if you are watching for a new mattressto go together with your new bedding be sure to check out our roundup of the first-rate mattresses of2019 with the aid of googling "Sleepopolis best mattress." I do hope you located this overview to be necessary.Should you did, be certain to love and subscribeto our channel, follow us on social media. We’re normally importing content with one mainthing in intellect — to get you some better sleep. Thanks for gazing and i’m going to see you nexttime..