Concierge Collection 4piece 400TC Cotton Tencel Sheet Set

So after I say silky and gentle and soft and long lasting you might be considering do those all work hand in hand they do in terms of your four hundred thread depend 10 cotton tensile sheet set and that is our cutting-edge particular and you are getting 4 portions you get the fitted sheet the flat sheet and two pillowcases and normally if you need or want more pillowcases that you can normally you already know decide on up some more individually but these are something to suppose and that i used to be telling Ellen Bunner who’s becoming a member of us she’s our textiles expert I was once just I used to be announcing I simply purchased some machines I must have waited for thee yes yeah this is our first sheet modern designated of the year and it is the first time we have now performed an all-common combo and oh my goodness did we do a attractive feeling and a superbly coloured set of sheets I say it all the time your sheets are super most important you put on them to mattress you wear them head to toe do you in every week’s time you spend over two full days to your sheets consider about that rather more time than you spend in clothing so you wish to have to ensure that the nice which you can come up with the money for and we’ve outdone ourselves today you really had when you see the colours I mean you are gonna fall in love with the colors however your your physique your skin’s gonna fall in love with the consider of these so let’s show you the colours ok after which we will speak concerning the details and you could get them in twin full king queen king and even Kalkan yes and the colors are beautiful and incidentally probably the most things we love about tinsel is how it absorbs and holds color ok so first-class colour attention here that is the sage green we’ve the white which has been very general and that i think it can be because these are luxurious degree sheets so you need to get a set in white proper it is a color i have it can be a taupe it’s like a rather soft impartial nearly like a sand then we’ve yellow so happy correct inexperienced waiting to get up to in the morning sure the blue is so tranquil notice – this is surely piped alongside the threshold and you’ll be able to see that on the highest sheet as well there is quite a lot of excessive-finish important points that we did here then we’ve got lavender the purple has been listening angle I imply appear at the luster that you just see in that purple sheet it really indicates it off then we have now the grey sure additionally very preferred yes and then the aqua yeah continuously a trendy one and i’ll tell all the colours seem good do not they they relatively do that’s the toughest thing i have been recommending all day to get a set of neutrals just like the white the taupe or the gray and then get a colour and i’ll most likely say you wish to have to get at the least a pair units of those good you can see why everybody’s loving that crimson I mean such as you said glistening appear at it I mean these are stunning and seeing that we do have them on all the sizes twin full queen king and California king think about all of the beds on your residence whether or not it’s the daughters or the granddaughters bed or the and or your son’s bed the visitor bed the you already know after which of direction the grasp as well the master bedroom deserves to have sheets like this yes they do and you know when you are buying sheets the number one consideration is the fiber or the material so cotton right it can be Naturals breathable it can be moisture wicking and it gets softer with each washing but let’s speak about tensile and tensile is what makes these sheets appear like this it’s what takes the cotton to a whole nother degree of silkiness and softness and coolness and drape ability I mean you will find it simply it’s another seem and drape it almost appears like a satin right but these are convenient to care for and what i really like about tensile is it is all usual and i think we have been starving for that correct there may be a lot of synthetics available in the market various you wish to have traditional bedding you want breathable you want lightweight you wish to have cool i’m going to say the first thing that you’re gonna become aware of external of the silkiness to this is that they’re very dermis pleasant yes super gentle tensile has a smooth fiber it’s actually derived from timber pulp so it has a suppose and a coolness variety of like bamboo if you happen to’ve felt bamboo materials in the past it is usually a very satisfactory smooth fiber it’s miniscule but it surely’s mighty so it is a really durable a fiber but it’s hydrophilic that means this has moisture management so let’s talk about how you sleep k or how your associate sleep k right possibly you’re waking up you’re perspiring you’re kicking the covers off you are not able to get sheets which might be breathable adequate to start with these are cool to the tire and then that hydrophilic great and the tensile surely absorbs moisture and helps to keep you drier and more relaxed oh isn’t that powerful the opposite thing you can realize is they’re convenient to take care of so pleasant colour retention they are fantastically tender and and what cotton it will get softer the extra you launder in I think the combo right here is the cotton advantages from the silkiness and this at me suppose of the tensile however the tensile benefits from the body of the of the cotton don’t you’re keen on the burden I do and so you have been even pronouncing that they each elevate each and every different they fairly do and that is hard to search out chiefly from an all-typical sheet after fiber you definitely want to appear at thread count I wish to speak about that let’s do it can be complicated correct it can be somewhat complicated so what we did is we went luxury degree luxury stage starts at about 200 phrase a 400 thread count here i have been within the industry here for about 18 years on HSN for those who have been to inquire from me i’d continuously tell you 4 to 6 hundred is my sweet spot agree seeing that if you get over that the sheets can tend to get heavy there can are usually trickery and likes doubling threads you get to a quantity yeah that is an person thread 400 members in a tiny square inch high priced and then discover whatever else there may be that workforce yes now we have achieved per kales rather a lot nowadays and percale is that crisp matte conclude sure we know you like this glistening and this luster that is the sateen and what it feels smoother and softer too and that’s why we adore that the look but in addition the think of it on the grounds that we’re gonna be slumbering on that whether it can be six seven eight hours a yeah not most effective on our physique but in addition on our head in view that it is also in your face your epidermis you relatively think it for definite the have got to have rather nice sheets it’s it can be now not a luxury it can be a necessity I continually consider and if these have been super steeply-priced i would consider oh i would like them but they price somewhat so much however you will have bought them as a ultra-modern unique so you may have a fairly best rate for company new sheets beneficiant in dimension so that it is gonna be handy so that you can make the bed and we’re gonna exhibit you the pocket you do not have to fear about stretching to put the equipped sheet in your bed you may have bought the outfitted sheet the flat sheet and two pillowcases and you’re now not shopping them a la carte seeing that most often whilst you buy luxury high-quality sheets available to buy you’re purchasing them piece by using piece it’s rather actual and you are paying much more via dimension and i’ve a California king I was once looking at the cost the the retail examine I would get close to three sets right here at present so the other quite essential aspect we have talked in regards to the fabrication correct that it is all natural that you’ve received tensile and cotton we mentioned that the thread rely is high-quality and highly-priced at four hundred and the finish is sateen fundamental thing after that is the fit and i suppose this can be a pet peeve of a variety of individuals correct i’m going to begin with a pocket on the grounds that we had our best-selling fiber mattress again in stock earlier this morning perhaps you’ve got a superloft or probably you’ve gotten a thinner mattress like this one’s no longer very thick right proper so we did a pocket that’s super beneficiant it is an 18 inch lodging seem at that Wow and did you notice how good that match this thin mattress sure that’s what i really like about our pockets we put the elastic which incidentally is fully pocketed so it’s you do not see a uncooked aspect beneath we put that all the manner across the sheet so while you put this on the bed do you see that yes it simply hugs your mattress even supposing it can be that thicker so up to 18 inches the drape you particularly discover I received this at house and i washed it and that i was once rather amazed at the weightiness content of the of the sheet itself it’s now not heavy however that you would be able to consider the nice and i love the nippiness I sleep on a reminiscence foam mattress so it tends to get heat so these sheets are cool to the touch they’re very breathable their moisture wicking after which the other thing that is most important I have no idea my pillow is right here at present we clearly oversize our pillow circumstances have you ever ever tried to fit a pillow case over a fat pillow and yeah it can be like your possess individual exercise combating it and stuffing it in and then you still see the pillow sticking out exactly so these are about an inch longer and an inch wider than a commonplace and discover to this going again to the burden jeez do you discover you do not particularly see the define of my hand you ever gotten those sheets house in there just paper-thin sure and you recognize they’re not gonna last I consider you’re gonna love this combination of fiber I believe so too long lasting and that is important too for the reason that you recognize after they grow to be your favourite sheets you’re gonna wash them and wear them wash them and put them on the mattress all the time and you need them to suppose excellent but you also want them to be long lasting and that is what these are and that i just wish to allow you to comprehend on the grounds that you’re seeing this bed the place we definitely doubled up a few the colors we doubled up the lavender and the yellow is maybe you just need further pillowcases for the reason that you adore this look but you’ll just purchase the pillowcases in one more colour that you would be able to purchase extra pillowcases individually and which you can choose all all the same colours but fewer than 200 of each simply so you already know wow i’m a gigantic fan of those further instances i love layering colors this is that with a white the grey that pop of yellow very present day and smooth additionally appear on the approach the pillow I imply just the feel this fabric is so one-of-a-kind for those who’ve never felt tinsel it would you would in reality be carrying it it can be humorous I put on my top for final night time and i had no inspiration but I put it on him like this feels so good yeah it was once a hundred percentage tensile oh it was once and you already know what I favored it I appreciated the drape of it and that i think that and the silkiness so if you’re gonna wear it in a time imagine how good it is gonna think overlaying you head to toe in a sheet ours you understand that works lingerie out of tinsel they make pajamas out of tinsel it is a stunning gentle forgiving fabric sure it is growing in reputation and why why is that considering a lot of times we just like the improvement that an artificial gives to cotton however we don’t want the synthetic that is right we do need to stick to usual proper that is all-natural however while it does bring up the consider of your cotton so if you want that silkiness that smoothness when you’ve got touchy dermis and you believe every little bump on your sheets are trying these they’re that tinsel is the smoothest fabrication it is called epidermis pleasant so you wish to have it head-to-toe seem at this look at that now that is a beautiful mixture the taupe and the sage very heat and the neutrals proper I thought about that and you can see the sheen i really like the pictures of the beds do not forget that has everything to do with the tinsel it has the whole thing to do with the four hundred thread rely and the sateen the whole lot is elevated here it fairly is and just so you understand a lot of you might be calling in and in addition searching on hsn.Com to choose up your state-of-the-art specials white very popular crimson similar to you said that you realize I can not play that up enough I imply it’s just it is a sophisticated aqua I feel it it has a great tone to it it is bought a robin’s egg blue color to it we consider of aqua normally I consider of slightly bit lighter or possibly might be on the golf green facet yes however yes is more of a robin’s egg blue colour and that i believe if you’re particularly looking for some thing fresh that aqua is gonna be contemporary for you it’s and you already know a quality combo if you’re getting a few units and i’ve been recommending that since i have a tensile set that we bought gosh it’s been as a minimum three or 4 years in the past and there may be still my linen closet each time I put them on the bed I simply love that silky suppose I mean when you’ve got sheets that simply float over your physique that are this breathable and tender and take colour so good recall we talked a few hydrophilic there’s this little fibers as miniscule fibers that mean they rather do absorb moisture and release it so they really take these colors they usually keep and so they keep and so they hold on you do not must worry about when you consider that the object is when you are deciding on your colour you chose it for a rationale you need it to final touch the colours like this no there is some relatively lovely colours here and i mean if you’re within the temper for spring I imply we now have obtained you blanketed I mean seem at that look so pretty and just it is a breath of recent air in your bed room that’s lovely and and you failed to need to do some thing else you just modified the sheets given that you’ll observe on these beds now you can have a comforter or quilt or whatever on your mattress but on these beds that we now have in our studio it is simply the sheets and also you see how beautiful that is and i know that after the weather does get start to get really heat and sizzling like as you progress them to the summertime some people only sleep beneath a sheet they do not even bother with blankets and anything else so if this is how you are making your mattress and that is the way it appears it can be wonderful it’s lovely and you can tell a excessive-end great sheet one can find it and that’s why we have now rather been trying to exhibit you one can find it from the luster you can see the drape ability however surely you could consider it and if your sheets you might have struggled to you know you like the affordability of an artificial however you leave out that that aspect of getting an all-normal sheet that fairly breathes that fairly wears good that is at that luxurious level thread count that is your day it is a long time you realize we rather we have now by no means carried out this style of blend and we’ve got performed blends earlier than nevertheless it’s perpetually a combo of a usual and an artificial yeah i love that now we have bought whatever for the cotton snobs in the market for the bedding aficionados folks on the way to exit and spend $150 on a suite of sheets and no longer blink a watch seeing that you know the way fundamental they’re yeah when we do a contemporary specific which you can really it is like inventory up pricing it’s it can be that could be the time for you to check out on account that if you’re pronouncing tensile i am no longer relatively certain how that’s gonna believe ok get them dwelling and check out them and i am so joyful you stated that considering the fact that you continue to have an unconditional 30 day a refund warranty that you could ship them correct on back and it’s particularly handy to send again if there’s simply you can nearly form of spiel and stick the label and pop them again however i don’t consider you are going to i don’t suppose you are going to either and you recognize bedding is super private right and that i do believe like if we had feel-a-vision I imply that is why we do this because we wish you to form of see the the way these sheets react I’ve in no way had a cut all variety of sheet do that yeah heavy I realize it does not happen you know i’ll inform you like I started the presentation telling Ellen that I had just bought new sheets which can be good you realize they’re no longer this just right proper and that i used to be just pondering i am gonna get these yet the object is you already know you and that i both be aware of when it’s a cutting-edge unique you know you are not able to be distinct correct so that you can’t in finding this combo anyplace it is more commonly a one and carried out we get these in possibly it is the colour might be it is the mixture do not forget this is tinsel and cotton the Cotton’s at 65% okay 35% tensile however in sell advertisements to the breathability the chilliness the smoothness and silkiness and the drape of the material yeah seem they’re naturally moisture wicking they are superbly soft proper out of the gate they usually fairly preserve their colour you see that drape adore it’s close to i’m pondering this that is whatever that you would particularly it’s to make the mattress and appear that’s why men and women like I read this whole article on a general white button-up in a ten cell versus a cotton it was like night and day yeah distinctive suppose distinctive matches special Dre one of a kind drape and don’t forget seeing that the tensile and the cotton every one is elevating the great qualities of the opposite considering that what we like about cotton the breathability what we adore about tencel is that it offers it body and the smoothness and the track Namath yeah you’ve got got all of it some individuals like the thought of cotton but find it a bit stiff right you know a little bit bit it does not flow like this that is so real and you already know you are gonna love your cotton down the street after you wash it over and over this one it’s correct out of the gate softness however yet it’s still usual recollect so fiber we pointed out that we mentioned finishing no longer handiest is it sateen so you’ve got bought that extra material on the outside that luster and that silkiness it’s a four hundred thread rely again good above the luxurious stage however nonetheless light-weight and breathable and then the fit the fit the match over sizing in your pillowcases an inch each approach after which that deep pocket so proper now now this one’s a thicker mattress i know earlier than we confirmed you on that thinner mattress so 18 inch accommodation way that you would be able to put that featherbed or fiberbed or superloft or when you’ve got it on a fold-out sofa it’s six inches deep that is gonna fit it has 18 inches lodging and elastic the entire way around k so i do know that our clock is quickly jogging down and over more than 4000 of those had been ordered at present and some distance and away plenty of individuals have been searching for these final night time and early this morning once they had been in bed when they were in bed watching at their possess sheets and announcing you know I really – need some new sheets i’m hoping that you’ll be able to take skills of this ultra-modern precise because the rate is extremely good and in the event you’ve been out and you have got rather been looking at extra of a luxury first-class sheet first you’ll notice the package may be very skinny for the reason that there is just one item in that package deal

Concierge Collection 2pack Microfiber Printed Hem Sheet …

one of those really special treats because I mentioned earlier a set of sheets so that means two flat sheets two fitted sheets four pillowcases wonderful prints and colors for you to choose from you’re getting one solid and one print that worked back beautifully like we’re showing you here so you can mix and match them perfectly to your bed we have the twin the full the Queen the King get this even California king a lot of times we don’t have the California king in the sets this one we do and on sale first time at 4995 normally 59.95 which is outstanding right $25 per sheet set in microfiber right it feels like it’s been washed 1 million times that’s how soft it is so yes we’re excited and flex pay love HSN shop with any major credit card $16 and change with your shipping we’re shipping this to you it’s the 2-pack this is fantastic I love when we do a 2-pack of 82 normally it’s during host pick I know we wanted to give you something phenomenal and their fashion sheets they’re so woke eight right go through these great fashions yeah prints and choices this is like a 2-pack like we’ve never done before so you’re going to receive a print and this is a leopard for example and then you’re gonna receive a solid with a printed hem so the hem print will match back to your prints and it’ll be on your pillowcases and on that top sheet so there’s your leopard look how cute that is so fun I know you did up something like that you know custom-made for you it’s so pretty art design that it’s the sand color that we did and remember you can mix and match these so you could create so many different looks so fun with she so that’s the dilemma then we have the Jacobean floral now what we did here is this is that beautiful print and let me show you it’s got some blue in there and it has the sage a little bit of a berry tone to it on a white base and then we did a sage solid with that printed hem pretty isn’t that so born to be like country like old world yeah you’d find in a cottage van – exactly then on the bed this is totally HSN happy birthday right here it’s so pretty on a white foundation the pink with the the printed him then we have the lace now the lace is done in lilac how pretty is this so gorgeous the lace print you can even see the little detailing in the background there’s so much intricacy in the design it’s like romantic Emporium and then this is my favorite this is the damn esc’ if you love that blue and white which is just such a resurgence right now so much so rich looking yes so you get the damn is quite and then look at the solid set which by the way these are fade resistant so you don’t have to shy away from this deep navy against the white and last one and this one’s been really popular because it’s very gender-neutral this is the stripe and it comes with a silver gray mm nice that’s smart looking yeah well we are very very busy they’re telling us yes it is our birthday and this is a perfect example of just that and they did not you know even though that $25 per set here you’re still getting the deep pockets on the fitted sheet correct oh and you are and I’ll show you that because this is a really big mattress we have yeah do you wish the Beautyrest oh you guys have been really popular it’s nice and deep this has an 18 inch accommodation so even though it what are these like $25 a set you’re still getting that concierge fit they you love elastic all the way around those features that make or break a sheet set that’s true and the wash ability I mean the fact that you wait okay you don’t you can’t imagine ever getting any softer because they’re just always compare these to that you know sheet set your great-grandmother may have had that it watched a million times and you just always feel so crisp and soft that’s what microfiber always reminds me of but the fact they enough to worry about very wrinkly right you know microfiber has become the number one selling sheet here at HSN surprised and universally and why we love it there’s so many reasons to love the performance aspects but we love the feel just like you said sheets that have been broken into that perfect brush softness these are not like they’re soft against your skin we’ve never done a combination like that I know it so imagine you’re getting two complete sets so you could do your printed fitted sheet and you could do your solid with a print top sheet you could mix it up every time you make your bed and you’ve gets fun pillowcases so you can constantly play around your pillows wonderful and this solid also has the the print just trimming it let me show you on this bed okay that lace I was showing you but look at the top sheet here we’ve actually layered both sets on this bed but with this pink see how the dots go along the top of your flat sheet so all the attached him that’s so sweet will show here as well as on your pillowcases oh it’s so cute and then underneath of it is the one that we had the full print so we just kind of doubled it up so a lot of a lot of you are doing it it’s just yes it’s precious it’s clean it’s beautiful I just wish I know you can feel what we’re feeling in fact we’re gonna say hi to Marcia from Wisconsin thank you so much for holding on the line welcome your live on the air Marcia with Ellen and Lynn are you familiar with our concierge collection at HSN I think why I ordered the blank or yeah the blanket or throw whatever you call it yes and it’s the first one I’ve gotten okay so they’re infratry you are in for a treat let me ask you which color did you choose and what size Marcia I got the lavender even and I ordered the King even though my bed is a queen and we often Ellen Austin often suggests that that’s you know it’s a great point that was smart why not because that we put the mattered same price yeah oh good well and it’s a nice wait I’m sure especially now this time of the year for you in Wisconsin it’s it’s not too heavy so and the softest thing you can imagine Marcia well we have had a break last two days the humidity I actually have my windows open it’s like 75 degrees you’re just trying to rub it in and see we’re here in Florida Marcin so we’re the COS right thank you so much for calling we’re gonna ship it right out to you Martha great day bye-bye now she’s in for such a treat actually she ordered the purple and if you did order the blanket I just want to mention the purple would work back to the little lace that were showing though pretty even in the cottage or not yeah and yeah how pretty that is there’s so much color in this you could even just put the same basic oh my gosh yes blanket the white it goes white with this yes and look how pretty this would be with that gray or the white just a great look to this striped set as well and then if you really love that coastal or you’re bringing back all that blue and white that’s timeless never goes out of style this one we’re calling Damus and you’re getting that damn ass print to that deep rich color on your sheet and don’t forget about our pink and white polka dots here so you’ve got the solid pink with a bite polka dot on the hem as then you’ve got the full set in the polka dot this is a great time it’s very rare that you get the complete 2-pack it’s true under $50 if you want the polka dot the pink we’re starting to lose in all twin full queen king and california you can’t help him happy it’s just it’s so bright it’s so cheerful it’s so happy and summery and just makes the room it really does and the thing about this set that I love is if you get bored with your bedding and sometimes sheets can get boring since microfiber came around it’s so affordable that we can not only afford to play a little bit but we can have more sets so you can mix and match you could flip the pillowcases you could do your polka-dots one day you could do your solid with the polka-dots the next c-money anyway like doing this this is the big look now in jewelry they’re doing that they actually don’t like mismatched so they do like you know a different gem and a different color and a different style it’s really fun it’s they harmonize but they’re completely different you know maybe if you have a room that has two like twin beds this would be so cute because she would have dwarf four bunks bunk beds we always recommend three sets of sheets per bed yes you pack here most of the way there and this is a sheet set that is exclusive so you don’t find it raining where else and you know thinking in terms of and I know we almost take this for granted but most places when you’re getting you know beautiful patterns or unique prints you’re going oh that’s a given but you’re you’re actually buying everything separately so you would but you know buy your flat sheet separately than you would your fitted sheet and you’re keeping your fingers crossed hope that they have the matching print that is available in the red sheet that you know you need for that sometimes they do sometimes they don’t and then you’re paying extra for the pillowcases that that’s not the case here and then you know everything is included it’s look at it she a does look custom and I love it when it’s done for you because you have the print that matches back to the solid all color-coordinated so it’s not like it’s off a little bit or no it’s all cons here and it’s just so rich looking we are very very busy I’m not surprised at this first time sale price so it brings it down to basically $25 per so my gosh to get these home I mean if you’ve shopped especially if you have a king-size bed or a California king typically you see a price and you can almost double it for your size bed to get just the four king-sized pillowcases in this and I love the fact too that it’s soft and it’s comfortable many times if you fall in love with a fashion sheet you know it’s not going to be comfortable and comfortable you’re not sacrificing that for style well we have the final minute they’re telling us and of course you can shop the entire concierge collection and continue if you’re having a hard time getting through because I know we’re very very busy shop oh my goodness between the blanket and I love it too because they do sync the colors because it’s an exclusive line windows so if you order one of the solid colors so you’re saying will work back beautifully nicer you know the white obviously with this blush and the polkadot but we have the sage and the grays and the who the gold fact what that Leopard I mean the sky’s the limit well we are building the perfect bed for you so we had the perfect absolute everything about it the softest blanket but the perfect weight for this time of year can’t get over this special in microfiber the 2-pack so let’s build that bed and we have to have of course our

Concierge CoolPlus 4pc 400 Thread Count Rayon from Bambo…

Ok exactly you realize i’m constantly doing that good I speakme of cooking I at all times suppose like my bones are melting I get so heat within the mattress i have the perfect segue this is genuinely a suggestion in sheets that is quite getting various buzz correct now we’re sure and should you’ve shot with concierge collection before we convey sheets for every person you do but what we have now no longer had and we’ve got had so many requests for is bamboo yes i do know so number one these are rayon from bamboo but they’re additionally right once we love bamboo precisely why we adore surely GU spray so kooky cool locks I mean these are four hundred already closed however hear what we did to make it even higher so we took the ramp from bamboo fifty five% and we blended it with a cooling fiber oh no this is a fiber that has little micro slits in it in order that it is breathable and it pulls and wicks moisture away out of your physique so these sheets are going to maintain you two to three degrees cooler okay they are gonna dry and and breathe twice as much cotton but they appear and think they may be watching for like silk no I mean so let’s do colors and see I mean you’ll discover the colours I must factor out the sheets that you’re looking at on the mattress that lovely drape those have not been laundered exactly howdy exactly if they are floating like that and are that like liquidy it is like liquid silky to your body and i’ve laundered mine and the wonder in these two is they are wrinkle fade and showcase they rather don’t even seem wrinkled this fee is like a Holy Smoke second I imply come on $49.95 five pay flex pay weekend less than $10 get him home and sleep on them yeah k this is mind blowing exhibit you the retail price I good now this is this is what’s exciting about us in our retail rate now we are saying the retail is 130 bucks now i am gonna argue with that a bit bit due to the fact to start with bamboo sheets are hard to seek out while you in finding them they may be customarily sold ala carte okay sure and they’re no longer achieved in trend colours you know pay extra via measurement and sure you accomplish that should you do king-size we do not free up the price if you do smooth we do not carry the cost I imply so shop to your coronary heart’s content material here and look at the color they are stunning i am simply going to inform you you’ll be able to see this on the mattress or our subsequent bed it is a wonderful colour then we’ve got purple ash so what’s beautiful about that is it’s just a trace of pink oh yeah isn’t it really beautiful it can be like a wash the Aqua could be very brilliant and rich and on all of those you can see the luster here is that blue that we have on the bed the sage inexperienced ok after which seem at our neutrals these neutrals ok so all people that is dressed our beds in these days is bought a suite of all my garments and rub all over the place these sheets this is the taupe it can be like a champagne taupe appear at it it’s beautiful if there have been ever instances they don’t fertility be bare it is these sneakers yes after which there’s the white these sheets are effective and our crew are our shopping staff that has you know that that particularly builds concierge we’re an unique little one here at HSN bet what they’re all dozing on nailed it I imply they hit this out of the park I imply most likely I did you you see me work with Ellen earlier than when’s the final time you saw me it’s like simply i am having a freak out of Valene mom i’m like Alli are you able to show you wish to have to consider these sheets you gotta see your face coming no i am severe that is Ali she’s here to do their do my touch-up she did my hair night time yeah it’s you realize it’s invoice Duggan you wish to have to contact my sheets [Music] look at that Meany seem at me look at this sheet and they are [Music] they believe they may be much more attractive and here’s the article about these sheets is these were designed to breathe these have been designed to wick moisture and warmness so if you’re a hot sleeper you sleep on a memory foam mattress it heats you up you sleep with a sizzling sleeper the wonder in these sheets is when you climb into mattress as a substitute of getting under your sheets and having that heat construct up so that you to perspire considering that the sheets do not breathe these sheets will surely now not best be more breathable considering the bamboos porous and that cooling fiber cool Plus which which you can seem that up it’s used in a number of lively put on cool plus is sincerely porous in order that it is pulling and wicking the heat and moisture and here is what I wish to equate it to on account that scheana there may be numerous sheet snobs in the market and there’s nothing you recognize i’m one in every of them that’s and you are one in every of them and numerous folks you understand will best do cotton or natural fibers but i am here to inform you these are twice as breathable moisture wicking is cut i will inform correct now the truth is well i’m gonna get multiples and i am if here’s what i’ll let you know about that each time we do whatever like this this type of opportunistic buys when they’re long past they may be long past they are long gone and now we have we achieved BAM boom by no means I’ve never completed them with you love a few times and the object is bamboo it is the sort of giant buzzword in the the linen category right now folks speak about it in towels and throws you know science for lots of reasons we wish it in our houses you are gonna need this onto your physique you are gonna once I say that is gonna invoice Duggan I can’t suppose you in play this this that is sleep naked night time given that it appears like that you already know so yeah it feels like I desire my dermis felt oh my gosh it is extremely good these sheets believe so amazing and also you know it’s funny on account that while you while you get them dwelling and you get them out of the bundle it’s instantaneous you can inform the difference and i need to disgust you the load and the burden is for the reason that we’ve got the blend of the two fibers it’s a 400 thread count Serta luxurious level the way that they puddle and drape on the bed and i will let you know whilst you launder these couple matters i would baby these a little bit bit one smooth k are attempting them on low and no material softener and it cuts down on that breathability of those sheets and so you need you wish to have to maintain these these are attractive and they suppose effective and you know if you wait warm even within the wintry weather time we flip the warmth we pour on the blankets yeah and should you turn out to be perspiring that wakes you want seeing that then you’re bloodless so what this does is it rather wicks and pulls that warmness and moisture you realize I wish to equate it to you don’t workout in a cotton t-shirt right correct right given that you would be extra dripping with perspiration so that is like these these fibers that I put on stiff wear that pull the warmth in and perspiration i will show that rose since of probably the most fashionable so the grey going the Rose is what you see this mattress there it’s Zero’s and the taupe i do know the object is we have got your colours if you’re calling tonight this used to be on previous tonight and that particular exhibit that i know you did with Adam with Tina and Wow Wow Wow I believe probably the most explanations this is going to promote out rapid than we predicted is when you see these properties yeah most individuals are getting multiple night time these are okay these were one entry we’re introducing these and the rate is phenomenal i will inform you now you and these are brand-new the price can be going away these sheets shall be going away and after we do a precise choice sheet set like this we don’t go back to the good we do not return these so this has my identify written in every single place it no longer handiest on the grounds that of these first-rate cooling houses but bamboo has plenty of houses that you are more often than not aware of yeah you know i will leave it at that beyond the truth that they suppose like liquid silk towards your dermis yes they particularly are an strong suppose and you know to get it to be in a position to get him home for so cheaply and particularly simply sleep on them and check out them don’t really experiment these out i hope although you’ve got certainly not tried concierge collection telling you I relatively hope that you can you’ll be able to branch out and check out these sheets they have got a exceptional deep pocket so perhaps you are watching at new mattress this mattress weekend ahead if you realize you are sizing it grasp a suite of those these have an 18 inch accommodation elastic all the manner round k I badgered him in ample he is feeling that sheets i know touching my sheets mom feels touching my sheets very high-quality i know i do know you’re not gonna rip off your garments and sleep naked are ya not on this show see don’t you wish to have to get these at house simply to feel the sheets darn it thank you invoice see I was once so disillusioned in something for a moment cuz most likely i can cope if i can coerce anybody into bad behavior I promise you it is bill Duggan I particularly am it on account that and in the event you’ve noticeable sure i am just a little excited of all I did that that phase is oh you know we’re so humorous on the moment you touch them i know and i get so many requests at all times for each of the blend that we have now created here for bamboo a variety of you love bamboo it’s costly it’s difficult to seek out however it is that silky luxe feathery tender feeling in opposition to your dermis and we did it in a sateen so it has that glossiness but then also i all the time people inform me they sleep hot oh yeah they you realize the place i’m at that certain age the place instantly I sleep hot you realize well you are you’re high-quality one minute and you’re burnt absolutely and it can be so humorous pleasant sheet for that my income supervisor Chris Chappell he is simplest identified me for over 20 years i love okay i do know when that girl is losing her mind over some thing I mean he bought 4 units okay so that is why these will promote each apartment every producer and our crew members have all these sheets today and that’s in view that we enable you to do so many pleasant you and but this is one-of-a-kind this is a set that we’ve never finished something that particularly brings collectively two houses so good two residences that one usual one man way that do the same factor okay i will guarantee you my mother goes to have historical Texas i do know she’s gonna want me to order a couple of these these I mean these are going k these are going and you understand the color palette so be proper so take us on a tour yeah on the grounds that they may be relatively every single one with that glossiness so this is that red ash gray it is a attractive crimson the Aqua is particularly particularly saturated one can find how lovely that’s that is that blue and i’m not more commonly one for colour however yeah considering blue on the bed stunning proper the golf green is a sage inexperienced then we’ve got the dusty rose on the bed the taupe I imply if you’re a impartial man or woman that is among the prettiest neutrals now we have ever executed this grey I keep calling it silver yeah the mattress at the holiday you recognize there is your white and these are relatively beautiful there relatively a crisp easy white so it can be one of those that i might undoubtedly suggest more than one i’d rotate them which can be in your she i will let you know for a reality ok one errant they may be virtually 4,000 are these already long past and every single employee who has had the potential to you know contact these is buying them if my enthusiasm and pleasure stage is somewhat distracting I make an apology however i’ve been right here for 23 good going on 24 years i have I’ve offered various sheets i have not ever ever ever bought a pair of sheets that has made me this excited from the first contact and that’s earlier than they are laundered so i would do it i might grab it i might go for it if if you are gonna take you recognize all of our suggestions we’re all getting multiple set i will let you know that for a fact right now I see now i am so i’m seeking to come to a decision i am frequently going to the Rose i’m gonna do that pink ash I feel i’m gonna do the blue yeah the blue is relatively rather competent and remember you could combine your neutrals plenty of you’re grabbing more than one neutrals the the grey and the hope that you would be able to combine warm and cool collectively and throw some white with some thing and it appears amazing and within the colors these colors are gorgeous I mean every single one of them and that i need to remind you to those sheets although they are cooling proper so they’ve obtained that cooling fats fiber what that cooling fiber it has those porous some best slits in it so that it breathes it wicks moisture but while it’s acquired pockets in there with a purpose to insulate you in the wintry weather proper so it can be no longer only a sheet for the summer time what’s it reads your physique wrinkle you run scorching yr-circular sure these are gonna be your temporary sheets but i’m simply so completely happy considering these fit the invoice for so lots of you in the market and that i consider that is simply launched at present I launched it with Callie this morning and is for Serena let me just inform you with with over 4000 gone these are going they are going so the grey the Rose I think you said Allison and the dusty rose are they are flying on these correct here these two i know that’s pretty satisfactory it can be beautiful with the gray as well dusty rose would be the very first to head and so if that’s for your desire list like mine after which look at this i know you have been looking at this red ash with with the gray and the white oh my gosh it is an awfully slight colour isn’t that so pleasant that is fairly precise hi there take into account it’s a five pay flex pay weekend so it’s not up to $10 to get home i’m boy if that you can if you’ve watched me at all if you have not I ask for forgiveness for my conduct oh my gosh considering that I noticed one previous but it’s not unless you touch them that you simply comprehend just how distinctive they were so enthusiastic about these I obtained these dwelling I was once placing them on all my loved ones I would like you that excellent yes well Ellen they knocked it out of the park you just terrific job as continually gone again later this weekend might be the following day i am play somebody they are going to be on Monday okay wonderful so do not wait get your colour yeah yeah and it’s a night factor thanks so much good to peer you obviously all right well we’re arising at nighttime I secret agent out of the corner of my eye Julie trusters in the apartment she’s getting in a position for what do you know practically eight hundred of those are already pre-ordered on our low i’ll virtually be doing Julie’s last airing of this today’s unique fingers crossed if there are any remaining arising the following day night but meanwhile we’re gonna proceed definitely that you would be able to store now for that Arlo if you want and that i acquired to let you know i am a super fan of Arlo it not only has a large perspective of view however i am telling you when I because a man simply without a doubt got that this is my first shift back after trip I didn’t even sweat being long gone when you consider that I had my Arlo and it was once just about like I was you know you believe like an individual’s preserving a watch on your condo an individual’s preserving an eye for your property for you so Julia’s gonna be coming up at 12:00 nighttime however you’re welcome to preorder now when he is no longer touching my sheets he is obtained a shelf yep see invoice Duggan’s up subsequent involved about one much less factor

Concierge Collection Microfiber Sheet Set with Extra Pil…

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Outside OF A house.NONE external OF A home.NONE OF external OF A home.NONE OF US outside OF A residence.NONE OF US GET NONE OF US GET NONE OF US GETENOUGH NONE OF US GETENOUGH SLEEP NONE OF US GETENOUGH SLEEP SO sufficient SLEEP SO enough SLEEP SOWHEN adequate SLEEP SOWHEN YOU adequate SLEEP SOWHEN YOU GET adequate SLEEP SOWHEN YOU GET IN adequate SLEEP SOWHEN YOU GET within the whilst you GET within the when you GET IN THEBED while you GET IN THEBED AT when you GET IN THEBED AT night, while you GET IN THEBED AT night, YOU mattress AT night time, YOU bed AT night time, YOUWANT mattress AT night time, YOUWANT TO bed AT night, YOUWANT to slide mattress AT night, YOUWANT to slip INTO want to SLIP INTO need to SLIP INTOSOMETHING want to SLIP INTOSOMETHING that is whatever that is whatever THAT’SSOFT anything THAT’SSOFT AS anything THAT’SSOFT AS A anything THAT’SSOFT AS A ROSE gentle AS A ROSE soft AS A ROSEPEDAL.PEDAL. >>visitor: >>guest: LET’S >>guest: LET’S talk >>visitor: LET’S TALKABOUT >>guest: LET’S TALKABOUT — ABOUT — ABOUT –>>Host: ABOUT –>>Host: OH, ABOUT –>>Host: OH, MY >>Host: OH, MY >>Host: OH, MYGOSH. GOSH. GOSH.THE GOSH.THE SOFTNESS GOSH.THE SOFTNESS IS GOSH.THE SOFTNESS IS OUT THE SOFTNESS IS OUT THE SOFTNESS IS OUTOF THE SOFTNESS IS OUTOF THIS THE SOFTNESS IS OUTOF THIS WORLD, THE SOFTNESS IS OUTOF THIS WORLD, however OF THIS WORLD, but OF THIS WORLD, BUTTHE OF THIS WORLD, BUTTHE — OF THIS WORLD, BUTTHE — YOU OF THIS WORLD, BUTTHE — YOU desktop THE — YOU machine THE — YOU MACHINEAND THE — YOU MACHINEAND WASH THE — YOU MACHINEAND WASH AND THE — YOU MACHINEAND WASH AND TUMBLE AND WASH AND TUMBLE AND WASH AND TUMBLEDRIVE.Power. >>guest: >>visitor: THIS >>guest: that is >>guest: THIS ISMICROFIBER >>visitor: THIS ISMICROFIBER AND >>visitor: THIS ISMICROFIBER AND WHEN MICROFIBER AND WHEN MICROFIBER AND WHENWE MICROFIBER AND WHENWE LAUNCHED MICROFIBER AND WHENWE LAUNCHED IT MICROFIBER AND WHENWE LAUNCHED IT 5 WE LAUNCHED IT 5 WE LAUNCHED IT FIVEYEARS WE LAUNCHED IT FIVEYEARS ago, WE LAUNCHED IT FIVEYEARS in the past, WE WE LAUNCHED IT FIVEYEARS in the past, WE had been YEARS ago, WE have been YEARS in the past, WE WEREEXCITED YEARS ago, WE WEREEXCITED considering the fact that EXCITED in view that EXCITED BECAUSETHEY’RE EXCITED BECAUSETHEY’RE WRINKLE they may be WRINKLE they’re WRINKLERESISTANT.RESISTANT. RESISTANT.THEY RESISTANT.THEY seem RESISTANT.THEY appear LIKE THEY appear LIKE THEY appear LIKETHIS. THIS. THIS.They’re THIS.They’re no longer they’re now not they may be NOTWRINKLED they’re NOTWRINKLED and so they’RE NOTWRINKLED AND no longer they’re NOTWRINKLED AND now not A WRINKLED AND not A WRINKLED AND now not AMESS, WRINKLED AND no longer AMESS, but WRINKLED AND not AMESS, however they are MESS, but they’re MESS, however THEY’REPERFORMANCE.Performance. Performance.WHEN performance.While you efficiency.When you WASH when you WASH when you WASHTHESE, while you WASHTHESE, they’re THESE, they’re THESE, THEY’RELIGHTWEIGHT THESE, THEY’RELIGHTWEIGHT AND THESE, THEY’RELIGHTWEIGHT and also you lightweight and also you light-weight AND YOUCAN lightweight AND YOUCAN match lightweight AND YOUCAN match TWO lightweight AND YOUCAN match TWO OR CAN fit TWO OR CAN fit TWO ORTHREE CAN fit TWO ORTHREE units CAN fit TWO ORTHREE units IN CAN match TWO ORTHREE units in a single THREE units in one THREE units IN ONELOAD THREE units IN ONELOAD OF THREE sets IN ONELOAD OF LAUNDRY THREE units IN ONELOAD OF LAUNDRY and load OF LAUNDRY and cargo OF LAUNDRY ANDTHEY LOAD OF LAUNDRY ANDTHEY DRY LOAD OF LAUNDRY ANDTHEY DRY IN THEY DRY IN THEY DRY INONE-third THEY DRY INONE-third OF THEY DRY INONE-third OF A ONE-third OF A ONE-0.33 OF ATIME.TIME. TIME.It can be TIME.It is THE TIME.It’s THE consider TIME.It can be THE believe OF it can be THE consider OF it’s THE believe OFMICROFIBER it’s THE consider OFMICROFIBER AND it can be THE feel OFMICROFIBER AND not MICROFIBER AND no longer MICROFIBER AND NOTALL MICROFIBER AND NOTALL MICROFIBER MICROFIBER AND NOTALL MICROFIBER — ALL MICROFIBER — ALL MICROFIBER –YOU ALL MICROFIBER –you know, ALL MICROFIBER –you understand, OUR you understand, OUR you know, OURMICROFIBER you understand, OURMICROFIBER HAS , OURMICROFIBER HAS THAT MICROFIBER HAS THAT MICROFIBER HAS THATBRUSHED MICROFIBER HAS THATBRUSHED think. BRUSHED consider. BRUSHED believe.IT BRUSHED think.IT does not BRUSHED feel.IT would not HAVE IT would not HAVE IT does not HAVETHAT IT does not HAVETHAT SLICK, IT would not HAVETHAT SLICK, YOU THAT SLICK, YOU THAT SLICK, YOUKNOW THAT SLICK, YOUKNOW THAT THAT SLICK, YOUKNOW THAT SLICK recognize THAT SLICK recognize THAT SLICKMICROFIBER know THAT SLICKMICROFIBER OUT MICROFIBER OUT MICROFIBER OUTTHERE.THERE. THERE.THIS THERE.THIS HAS THERE.THIS HAS THE THERE.THIS HAS THE think THIS HAS THE consider THIS HAS THE FEELOF THIS HAS THE FEELOF A THIS HAS THE FEELOF A ROSE THIS HAS THE FEELOF A ROSE PEDAL. OF A ROSE PEDAL. OF A ROSE PEDAL.Tremendous OF A ROSE PEDAL.Tremendous BRUSH OF A ROSE PEDAL.Super BRUSH AND tremendous BRUSH AND tremendous BRUSH ANDSOFT. Gentle. Delicate.I delicate.I was delicate.I was TELLING I was once TELLING I was TELLINGCONNIE, I was once TELLINGCONNIE, I I was once TELLINGCONNIE, I mentioned CONNIE, I mentioned CONNIE, I SAIDTHESE CONNIE, I SAIDTHESE ARE CONNIE, I SAIDTHESE ARE company CONNIE, I SAIDTHESE ARE brand NEW THESE ARE brand NEW THESE ARE manufacturer NEWAND THESE ARE company NEWAND YOU THESE ARE company NEWAND you know THESE ARE brand NEWAND you recognize THE AND you realize THE AND you recognize THESET AND you understand THESET OF AND you recognize THESET OF MICROFIBER SET OF MICROFIBER SET OF MICROFIBERSHEETS, SET OF MICROFIBERSHEETS, WE SET OF MICROFIBERSHEETS, WE sell SET OF MICROFIBERSHEETS, WE promote IT SHEETS, WE sell IT SHEETS, WE promote ITON SHEETS, WE promote ITON SALE SHEETS, WE sell ITON SALE FOR SHEETS, WE sell ITON SALE FOR $22.95.ON SALE FOR $22.95. >>Host: >>Host: YOU >>Host: you do not >>Host: YOU DON’TWANT >>Host: YOU DON’TWANT TO >>Host: YOU DON’TWANT TO MAKEOVER need to MAKEOVER want to MAKEOVERYOUR wish to MAKEOVERYOUR entire wish to MAKEOVERYOUR entire ROOM need to MAKEOVERYOUR entire ROOM in your entire ROOM to your whole ROOM FORSUMMERTIME, YOUR entire ROOM FORSUMMERTIME, GET YOUR entire ROOM FORSUMMERTIME, GET THE SUMMERTIME, GET THE SUMMERTIME, GET THEBLANKET SUMMERTIME, GET THEBLANKET AND SUMMERTIME, GET THEBLANKET and i SUMMERTIME, GET THEBLANKET AND i’ve BLANKET AND i have BLANKET and that i HAVEIT BLANKET and i HAVEIT OUT BLANKET and that i HAVEIT out there. IT available in the market. >>guest: >>visitor: we’ll >>guest: we are going to PUT >>visitor: we will PUTIT >>guest: we are going to PUTIT AT >>guest: we’ll PUTIT on the >>guest: we’ll PUTIT at the finish >>guest: we will PUTIT on the end OF IT at the end OF IT on the finish OFTHE IT on the finish OFTHE bed.THE bed. THE mattress.THIS THE mattress.This is THE mattress.This can be a THE bed.It is a summer time this is a summer it is a SUMMERBED. Mattress. >>Host: >>Host: OH, >>Host: OH, MY >>Host: OH, MYGOSH. GOSH. GOSH.THEY GOSH.THEY advised GOSH.THEY informed ME GOSH.THEY informed ME THE THEY instructed ME THE THEY instructed ME THEBLUE THEY instructed ME THEBLUE is that they told ME THEBLUE IS IN THEY instructed ME THEBLUE IS in the BLUE IS in the BLUE IS IN THELEAD.LEAD. LEAD.A LEAD.Lots LEAD.A variety of LEAD.A lot of US LEAD.A number of US ARE numerous US ARE quite a lot of US AREGOING various US AREGOING WITH quite a few US AREGOING WITH THE GOING WITH THE GOING WITH THECOASTAL GOING WITH THECOASTAL colors GOING WITH THECOASTAL colors FOR COASTAL colours FOR COASTAL colors FORTHE COASTAL colours FORTHE SUMMERTIME. THE SUMMERTIME. >>visitor: >>guest: LET >>visitor: LET ME >>guest: LET MEGRAB >>guest: LET MEGRAB THESE.Clutch THESE. >>Host: >>Host: WE >>Host: now we have >>Host: WE HAVEBEAUTIFUL >>Host: WE HAVEBEAUTIFUL colour attractive color lovely COLORCHOICES. Picks. Selections.AND choices.AND that is selections.AND that is THE AND that’s THE AND that’s THETHING, AND that is THETHING, LIKE AND that is THETHING, LIKE I AND that’s THETHING, LIKE I said factor, LIKE I mentioned factor, LIKE I SAIDYOU factor, LIKE I SAIDYOU don’t thing, LIKE I SAIDYOU do not get thing, LIKE I SAIDYOU don’t get THAT you don’t get THAT you do not get THATAT you don’t get THATAT RETAIL.AT RETAIL. AT RETAIL.THEY AT RETAIL.They’ll AT RETAIL.They’ll HAVE AT RETAIL.They are going to HAVE A they will HAVE A they’ll HAVE AWHITE. WHITE. WHITE.THEY WHITE.They will WHITE.They may HAVE WHITE.They will HAVE AN they’ll HAVE AN they are going to HAVE ANIVORY they will HAVE ANIVORY they usually could have ANIVORY AND TAUPE. IVORY AND TAUPE. IVORY AND TAUPE.TO IVORY AND TAUPE.TO GET IVORY AND TAUPE.TO GET ALL IVORY AND TAUPE.TO GET ALL THESE TO GET ALL THESE TO GET ALL THESECOLORS TO GET ALL THESECOLORS and colors and colours ANDPARTICULARLY chiefly PARTICULARLYMICROFIBER PARTICULARLYMICROFIBER since MICROFIBER for the reason that MICROFIBER BECAUSEMICROFIBER MICROFIBER BECAUSEMICROFIBER COME MICROFIBER COME MICROFIBER COMEFROM MICROFIBER COMEFROM THE MICROFIBER COMEFROM THE trend FROM THE trend FROM THE FASHIONWORLD FROM THE FASHIONWORLD SO FROM THE FASHIONWORLD SO IT FROM THE FASHIONWORLD SO IT DRINKS WORLD SO IT DRINKS WORLD SO IT DRINKSIN WORLD SO IT DRINKSIN THAT WORLD SO IT DRINKSIN THAT color. IN THAT color.IN THAT colour.There’s IN THAT color.There’s no IN THAT colour.There isn’t a FADING. There’s no FADING. There’s no FADING.There’s there is no FADING.There is no there isn’t a FADING.There is no OH there isn’t a FADING.There’s no OH MY there isn’t any OH MY there isn’t a OH MYGOSH, there isn’t any OH MYGOSH, I there isn’t any OH MYGOSH, I grasp there isn’t a OH MYGOSH, I clutch TO GOSH, I snatch TO GOSH, I grab TOGRAB GOSH, I seize TOGRAB — take hold of — clutch –I’VE clutch –I’VE acquired seize –I’VE acquired to grab –I’VE received to seize I’VE bought to grab I’VE received TO GRABTHEM I’VE acquired TO GRABTHEM OUT I’VE bought TO GRABTHEM OUT OF I’VE acquired TO GRABTHEM OUT OF THE THEM OUT OF THE THEM OUT OF THEDRYER.DRYER. DRYER.I DRYER.I can not DRYER.I are not able to STAND DRYER.I are not able to STAND BEING I are not able to STAND BEING I can’t STAND BEINGHOT. Scorching. Scorching.I sizzling.I really like scorching.I really like SUMMERTIME, i like SUMMERTIME, i like SUMMERTIME,but i love SUMMERTIME,however AT i really like SUMMERTIME,however AT night time, i love SUMMERTIME,but AT night time, EVEN but AT night time, EVEN however AT night, EVENIF however AT night time, EVENIF YOU but AT night time, EVENIF you’ve got however AT night time, EVENIF you’ve got YOUR when you’ve got YOUR if in case you have YOURAIR you probably have YOURAIR CONDITIONER when you have YOURAIR CONDITIONER ON, AIR CONDITIONER ON, AIR CONDITIONER ON,YOU AIR CONDITIONER ON,YOU GET AIR CONDITIONER ON,YOU GET heat AIR CONDITIONER ON,YOU GET heat when you GET heat when you GET warm WHENYOU YOU GET warm WHENYOU SLEEP YOU SLEEP YOU SLEEPESPECIALLY YOU SLEEPESPECIALLY these YOU SLEEPESPECIALLY these OF above all those OF certainly these OFA peculiarly those OFA certain mainly these OFA specified AGE.A certain AGE. A targeted AGE.THIS A detailed AGE.It is a certain AGE.That is GOING A precise AGE.That is GOING TO this is GOING TO this is GOING TOKEEP that is GOING TOKEEP YOU this is GOING TOKEEP YOU COOLER. Hold YOU COOLER. Keep YOU COOLER.WE’RE preserve YOU COOLER.WE’RE GOING hold YOU COOLER.We will maintain YOU COOLER.We’ll DO maintain YOU COOLER.We’re going to DO A we will DO A we’ll DO ACOOLER we’re going to DO ACOOLER MATTRESS we’re going to DO ACOOLER MATTRESS PAD COOLER MATTRESS PAD COOLER MATTRESS PADCOMING COOLER MATTRESS PADCOMING UP. Arising. Arising.AND arising.And also you arising.And you have got coming up.And you have got to and also you have to and you have TOHAVE and you have got TOHAVE THE and you have got TOHAVE THE SHEETS HAVE THE SHEETS HAVE THE SHEETSTHAT HAVE THE SHEETSTHAT ARE HAVE THE SHEETSTHAT ARE LIGHTER which might be LIGHTER that are LIGHTERWEIGHT.WEIGHT. >>visitor: >>guest: A >>visitor: a gentle >>guest: A LIGHTWAIT >>guest: A LIGHTWAIT SHEET. WAIT SHEET. >>Host: >>Host: IN >>Host: in order >>Host: with a view to >>Host: in order TOGET >>Host: so as TOGET THE >>Host: so as TOGET THE COOLING GET THE COOLING GET THE COOLINGAFFECT. Influence. >>guest: >>visitor: WE >>visitor: WE DO >>visitor: WE DO HAVE >>guest: WE DO HAVETHE >>guest: WE DO HAVETHE DEEP >>visitor: WE DO HAVETHE DEEP POCKET >>visitor: WE DO HAVETHE DEEP POCKET ON THE DEEP POCKET ON THE DEEP POCKET ONTHIS. THIS. THIS.SO THIS.SO THIS THIS.SO this is THIS.SO this is GOING THIS.SO this is GOING TO SO this is GOING TO SO that is GOING TOFIT SO that is GOING TOFIT THE SO that is GOING TOFIT THE difficult SO that is GOING TOFIT THE tough TO SO this is GOING TOFIT THE tough to suit match THE rough to suit fit THE tough TO FITMATTRESS.MATTRESS. MATTRESS.MICROFIBER, MATTRESS.MICROFIBER, AND MATTRESS.MICROFIBER, AND A MICROFIBER, AND A MICROFIBER, AND ALOT MICROFIBER, AND ALOT OF MICROFIBER, AND ALOT OF people MICROFIBER, AND ALOT OF individuals SEE LOT OF people SEE LOT OF men and women SEETHE LOT OF humans SEETHE cost LOT OF persons SEETHE fee TAG LOT OF folks SEETHE rate TAG AND THE rate TAG AND THE price TAG ANDSAY THE rate TAG ANDSAY I THE cost TAG ANDSAY i don’t THE price TAG ANDSAY I don’t know SAY I do not know SAY i do not KNOWHOW SAY i don’t KNOWHOW just right SAY i do not KNOWHOW excellent it is SAY i do not KNOWHOW good it is GOING HOW just right it is GOING HOW just right it’s GOINGTO HOW just right it’s GOINGTO BE, HOW good it can be GOINGTO BE, but TO BE, but TO BE, BUTCUSTOMERS TO BE, BUTCUSTOMERS have to BE, BUTCUSTOMERS HAVE LEFT shoppers HAVE LEFT buyers HAVE LEFTTHEIR buyers HAVE LEFTTHEIR high customers HAVE LEFTTHEIR high THREAD THEIR high THREAD THEIR excessive THREADCOUNT THEIR high THREADCOUNT SHEETS THEIR excessive THREADCOUNT SHEETS AND depend SHEETS AND count SHEETS ANDGONE count SHEETS ANDGONE TO count SHEETS ANDGONE TO MICROFIBER.Long gone TO MICROFIBER. Long gone TO MICROFIBER.IT long past TO MICROFIBER.IT HAS long gone TO MICROFIBER.IT HAS A long past TO MICROFIBER.IT HAS A DEEP long past TO MICROFIBER.IT HAS A DEEP 18 IT HAS A DEEP 18 IT HAS A DEEP 18INCH IT HAS A DEEP 18INCH lodging INCH accommodation INCH ACCOMMODATIONON INCH ACCOMMODATIONON THE INCH ACCOMMODATIONON THE POCKET INCH ACCOMMODATIONON THE POCKET SO ON THE POCKET SO ON THE POCKET SOEVEN ON THE POCKET SOEVEN IF ON THE POCKET SOEVEN in the event you ON THE POCKET SOEVEN in case you have ON THE POCKET SOEVEN in case you have A even supposing you have A although you could have AFEATHER despite the fact that you may have AFEATHER bed although you’ve got AFEATHER bed OR FEATHER bed OR FEATHER mattress ORFIBER FEATHER mattress ORFIBER bed, FEATHER bed ORFIBER mattress, it is FIBER bed, it’s FIBER bed, IT’SGOING FIBER bed, IT’SGOING TO FIBER mattress, IT’SGOING to fit FIBER bed, IT’SGOING to suit AND GOING to suit AND GOING to suit ANDBEAUTIFULLY GOING to fit ANDBEAUTIFULLY soft.Superbly smooth. Beautifully smooth.THIS fantastically smooth.THIS appears fantastically gentle.THIS looks LIKE THIS looks LIKE THIS looks LIKECOTTON THIS looks LIKECOTTON sweet. COTTON sweet. COTTON candy.THESE COTTON sweet.THESE colours THESE colors THESE COLORSTOGETHER. Together. >>Host: >>Host: THEY >>Host: THEY told >>Host: THEY TOLDME, >>Host: THEY TOLDME, talking >>Host: THEY TOLDME, talking OF ME, speakme OF ME, speakme OFCOTTON ME, talking OFCOTTON candy, ME, talking OFCOTTON sweet, THE COTTON candy, THE COTTON sweet, THEPINK COTTON sweet, THEPINK IS COTTON sweet, THEPINK IS THE COTTON sweet, THEPINK IS THE nice crimson IS THE first-rate red IS THE BESTSELLER. Vendor. Seller.THE seller.THE crimson seller.THE pink AND vendor.THE purple AND THE THE crimson AND THE THE crimson AND THEBLUE. BLUE. BLUE.THE BLUE.THE COTTON BLUE.THE COTTON sweet THE COTTON candy THE COTTON CANDYCOLORS. Colors. Colors.I am colours.I am going colours.I’m going to i’m going to i go TOENCOURAGE i am going TOENCOURAGE YOU i’m going TOENCOURAGE YOU AT inspire YOU AT encourage YOU ATTHIS encourage YOU ATTHIS fee, motivate YOU ATTHIS cost, considering that THIS cost, since THIS price, BECAUSEYOU’RE THIS fee, BECAUSEYOU’RE GETTING THIS price, BECAUSEYOU’RE GETTING SIX you’re GETTING SIX you’re GETTING SIXPIECES, you are GETTING SIXPIECES, FLAT you are GETTING SIXPIECES, FLAT SHEET, pieces, FLAT SHEET, portions, FLAT SHEET,AND portions, FLAT SHEET,AND geared up portions, FLAT SHEET,AND geared up SHEET AND fitted SHEET AND fitted SHEETAND AND fitted SHEETAND four AND geared up SHEETAND four PILLOW and four PILLOW and four PILLOWCASES.Cases. Cases.Whether or not instances.Whether you’re whether you’re whether YOU’REPUTTING whether YOU’REPUTTING ALL whether YOU’REPUTTING ALL four striking ALL 4 putting ALL FOURPILLOW placing ALL FOURPILLOW instances placing ALL FOURPILLOW instances ON PILLOW cases ON PILLOW instances ONYOUR PILLOW instances ONYOUR mattress PILLOW circumstances ONYOUR mattress OR YOUR bed OR YOUR bed ORSWITCHING YOUR bed ORSWITCHING THE SWITCHING THE SWITCHING THEPILLOW SWITCHING THEPILLOW instances SWITCHING THEPILLOW instances more PILLOW instances extra PILLOW instances MOREOFTEN PILLOW cases MOREOFTEN in view that in general considering most often BECAUSEYOU’RE most commonly BECAUSEYOU’RE FACES almost always BECAUSEYOU’RE FACES ARE you’re FACES ARE you are FACES AREAGAINST you are FACES AREAGAINST THE you are FACES AREAGAINST THE PILLOW. Towards THE PILLOW.>>visitor: >>guest: IF >>guest: when you >>guest: IF YOUHAVEN’T >>visitor: IF YOUHAVEN’T finished >>visitor: IF YOUHAVEN’T completed WHITE, haven’t performed WHITE, have not finished WHITE,THIS have not done WHITE,this is haven’t achieved WHITE,this can be a have not finished WHITE,it is a high-quality this can be a best this can be a GREATTIME this can be a GREATTIME TO it is a GREATTIME TO GET this is a GREATTIME TO GET WHITE. TIME TO GET WHITE. TIME TO GET WHITE.I TIME TO GET WHITE.I love TIME TO GET WHITE.I love MICROFIBER i like MICROFIBER i really like MICROFIBERWHITE i love MICROFIBERWHITE due to the fact i really like MICROFIBERWHITE when you consider that IT WHITE in view that IT WHITE due to the fact that ITDOESN’T WHITE considering ITDOESN’T GET WHITE for the reason that ITDOESN’T GET YELLOW.Does not GET YELLOW. Would not GET YELLOW.Don’t forget, would not GET YELLOW.Don’t forget, those keep in mind, these consider, THOSEEXTRA take into account, THOSEEXTRA PILLOW recall, THOSEEXTRA PILLOW instances, additional PILLOW cases, additional PILLOW circumstances,YOU further PILLOW cases,YOU might extra PILLOW cases,YOU would SPEND additional PILLOW instances,YOU might SPEND AT YOU might SPEND AT YOU could SPEND AT$15 YOU would SPEND AT$15 or you would SPEND AT$15 OR $20 YOU might SPEND AT$15 OR $20 ON YOU would SPEND AT$15 OR $20 ON high $15 OR $20 ON top $15 OR $20 ON TOPOF $15 OR $20 ON TOPOF A $15 OR $20 ON TOPOF A traditional $15 OR $20 ON TOPOF A ordinary SET $15 OR $20 ON TOPOF A normal SET TO OF A common SET TO OF A natural SET TOGET OF A ordinary SET TOGET ALL OF A natural SET TOGET ALL THIS OF A normal SET TOGET ALL THIS house.GET ALL THIS home. GET ALL THIS home.I GET ALL THIS residence.I would GET ALL THIS dwelling.I’d select GET ALL THIS dwelling.I’d choose A i would decide on A i would select ANEUTRAL, i’d choose ANEUTRAL, LIKE, impartial, LIKE, impartial, LIKE,perhaps impartial, LIKE,possibly THE neutral, LIKE,possibly THE BEIGE neutral, LIKE,possibly THE BEIGE OR possibly THE BEIGE OR probably THE BEIGE ORTHE maybe THE BEIGE ORTHE gray probably THE BEIGE ORTHE gray OR perhaps THE BEIGE ORTHE grey OR THE the grey OR THE the gray OR THEWHITE. WHITE. WHITE.AND WHITE.After which WHITE.After which GET WHITE.And then GET A and then GET A after which GET ACOLOR after which GET ACOLOR OR after which GET ACOLOR or you after which GET ACOLOR otherwise you might colour otherwise you would color or you COULDLAYER colour or you COULDLAYER — colour otherwise you COULDLAYER — appear color otherwise you COULDLAYER — appear HOW LAYER — look HOW LAYER — look HOWPRETTY LAYER — seem HOWPRETTY THE LAYER — look HOWPRETTY THE purple LAYER — seem HOWPRETTY THE crimson AND lovely THE crimson AND pretty THE pink ANDTHE pretty THE crimson ANDTHE LAVENDER lovely THE pink ANDTHE LAVENDER IS beautiful THE red ANDTHE LAVENDER is that if THE LAVENDER is that if THE LAVENDER IS IFYOU THE LAVENDER IS IFYOU need THE LAVENDER IS IFYOU need to THE LAVENDER IS IFYOU wish to GO you wish to have to head you wish to have TO GOFEMININE you need TO GOFEMININE AND you wish to have TO GOFEMININE AND GIRLY female AND GIRLY feminine AND GIRLYAND female AND GIRLYAND the female AND GIRLYAND THE AQUA female AND GIRLYAND THE AQUA WE AND THE AQUA WE AND THE AQUA WEHAVE AND THE AQUA WEHAVE ON AND THE AQUA WEHAVE ON THE AND THE AQUA WEHAVE ON THE bed, AND THE AQUA WEHAVE ON THE bed, i have ON THE mattress, i have ON THE bed, ILOVE HAVE ON THE mattress, ILOVE IT HAVE ON THE bed, ILOVE IT WITH HAVE ON THE mattress, ILOVE IT WITH A like it WITH A adore it WITH AWHITE adore it WITH AWHITE BLANKET adore it WITH AWHITE BLANKET AND WHITE BLANKET AND WHITE BLANKET ANDTHE WHITE BLANKET ANDTHE SAGE.THE SAGE. THE SAGE.Look THE SAGE.Look on the SAGE.Seem at the THE SAGE.Look on the BLUE. Appear on the BLUE. Appear on the BLUE.YOU look on the BLUE.YOU could appear on the BLUE.YOU could DO look on the BLUE.YOU could DO THE YOU would DO THE YOU could DO THEAQUA YOU would DO THEAQUA and you could DO THEAQUA AND THE YOU would DO THEAQUA AND THE BLUE AQUA AND THE BLUE AQUA AND THE BLUETOGETHER. Collectively. Collectively.Is not collectively.Is not that’s not that is not THATGORGEOUS. Gorgeous. Beautiful.IT beautiful.IT looks stunning.IT appears LIKE stunning.IT appears just like the IT looks just like the IT looks LIKE THEOCEAN. OCEAN. >>Host: >>Host: THE >>Host: THE first-class >>Host: THE BESTPART >>Host: THE BESTPART IS >>Host: THE BESTPART is they >>Host: THE BESTPART is that they keep phase is that they keep section is that they STAYTHESE phase is they STAYTHESE colors.THESE colors. >>guest: >>guest: THEY >>visitor: they do not >>guest: THEY DON’TFADE >>visitor: THEY DON’TFADE AND >>guest: THEY DON’TFADE and they’RE FADE and they’RE FADE they usually’REWRINKLE FADE and so they’REWRINKLE AND FADE and so they’REWRINKLE AND decrease WRINKLE AND scale back WRINKLE AND SHRINKRESISTANT. RESISTANT. RESISTANT.WHEN RESISTANT.When you RESISTANT.When you GET RESISTANT.While you GET THESE whilst you GET THESE whilst you GET THESEHOME when you GET THESEHOME AND while you GET THESEHOME and also you whilst you GET THESEHOME and you OPEN residence and also you OPEN residence and also you OPENTHE dwelling and you OPENTHE bundle, house and you OPENTHE bundle, you’ll be able to THE package, you can THE package deal, YOU’LLBE THE package deal, YOU’LLBE BLOWN THE bundle, YOU’LLBE BLOWN AWAY THE bundle, YOU’LLBE BLOWN AWAY via BE BLOWN AWAY by BE BLOWN AWAY BYTHE BE BLOWN AWAY BYTHE SOFTNESS.THE SOFTNESS. THE SOFTNESS.IF THE SOFTNESS.If you happen to THE SOFTNESS.For those who like the SOFTNESS.In the event you LIKE A THE SOFTNESS.If you happen to LIKE A HEAVY if you happen to LIKE A HEAVY when you LIKE A HEAVYSTIFF in the event you LIKE A HEAVYSTIFF SHEET, if you LIKE A HEAVYSTIFF SHEET, THIS STIFF SHEET, THIS STIFF SHEET, THISIS STIFF SHEET, THISIS now not STIFF SHEET, THISIS now not YOUR STIFF SHEET, THISIS now not YOUR SHEET. Will not be YOUR SHEET. Will not be YOUR SHEET.This is not YOUR SHEET.That is will not be YOUR SHEET.This is gentle,ARY, this is mild,ARY, this is light,ARY,glide this is gentle,ARY,go with the flow OUR that is mild,ARY,float OUR YOUR this is mild,ARY,go with the flow OUR YOUR physique go with the flow OUR YOUR body flow OUR YOUR BODYAND float OUR YOUR BODYAND pleasant glide OUR YOUR BODYAND nice FOR waft OUR YOUR BODYAND fine FOR A AND exceptional FOR A AND high-quality FOR AGUEST AND fine FOR AGUEST bedroom AND best FOR AGUEST bedroom AND AND best FOR AGUEST bed room AND A visitor bedroom AND A guest bed room AND AKIDS guest bedroom AND AKIDS ROOM visitor bedroom AND AKIDS ROOM AND visitor bedroom AND AKIDS ROOM AND the children ROOM AND the youngsters ROOM AND THESUMMERTIME youngsters ROOM AND THESUMMERTIME BEDS kids ROOM AND THESUMMERTIME BEDS YOU SUMMERTIME BEDS YOU SUMMERTIME BEDS YOUWANT SUMMERTIME BEDS YOUWANT TO SUMMERTIME BEDS YOUWANT TO REFRESH SUMMERTIME BEDS YOUWANT TO REFRESH AND want to REFRESH AND want to REFRESH ANDRENEW, wish to REFRESH ANDRENEW, however wish to REFRESH ANDRENEW, however HAVE want to REFRESH ANDRENEW, however HAVE A RENEW, however HAVE A RENEW, however HAVE AGREAT RENEW, however HAVE AGREAT FEELING quality FEELING best FEELINGSHEET.SHEET. >>Host: >>Host: it’s >>Host: it can be not >>Host: it’s NOTGOING >>Host: it can be NOTGOING TO >>Host: it can be NOTGOING TO PEEL. GOING TO PEEL. GOING TO PEEL.Do not GOING TO PEEL.Don’t LET GOING TO PEEL.Don’t LET THE GOING TO PEEL.Do not LET THE price don’t LET THE fee don’t LET THE PRICEINFLUENCE don’t LET THE PRICEINFLUENCE YOU influence YOU impact YOUBECAUSE have an effect on YOUBECAUSE A affect YOUBECAUSE quite a bit have an effect on YOUBECAUSE quite a lot of have an effect on YOUBECAUSE a number of US considering that a variety of US on account that various USARE because a variety of USARE USED considering various USARE USED TO ARE USED TO ARE USED TOSPENDING ARE USED TOSPENDING more ARE USED TOSPENDING more ON SPENDING extra ON SPENDING more ONSHEETS SPENDING extra ONSHEETS AND SPENDING extra ONSHEETS AND WE SPENDING more ONSHEETS AND WE think SHEETS AND WE feel SHEETS AND WE feel$28, SHEETS AND WE suppose$28, THE SHEETS AND WE believe$28, the one SHEETS AND WE suppose$28, the one position $28, the only location $28, the one PLACEYOU $28, the one PLACEYOU WOULD $28, the one PLACEYOU WOULD in finding $28, the one PLACEYOU WOULD find THEM you would find THEM you can find THEMIS you possibly can find THEMIS AT you could possibly in finding THEMIS AT that you’d to find THEMIS AT THAT huge IS AT THAT enormous IS AT THAT BIGSUPER IS AT THAT BIGSUPER retailer IS AT THAT BIGSUPER retailer AND IS AT THAT BIGSUPER retailer and you super retailer and you super store AND YOUSAY super store AND YOUSAY WHAT tremendous store AND YOUSAY WHAT CAN tremendous store AND YOUSAY WHAT am i able to tremendous store AND YOUSAY WHAT can i GET.SAY WHAT am i able to GET. SAY WHAT can i GET.They may be SAY WHAT can i GET.They’re A SAY WHAT can i GET.They are A purpose they’re A reason they may be A REASONWHY they may be A REASONWHY OUR they may be A REASONWHY OUR MICROFIBER WHY OUR MICROFIBER WHY OUR MICROFIBERSHEETS WHY OUR MICROFIBERSHEETS HAVE WHY OUR MICROFIBERSHEETS have been WHY OUR MICROFIBERSHEETS have been SO SHEETS had been SO SHEETS had been SOPOPULAR SHEETS were SOPOPULAR AND SHEETS had been SOPOPULAR AND men and women preferred AND people standard AND PEOPLECOME wellknown AND PEOPLECOME back trendy AND PEOPLECOME again FOR widespread AND PEOPLECOME again FOR SET COME again FOR SET COME back FOR SETAFTER COME again FOR SETAFTER SET, COME back FOR SETAFTER SET, AFTER AFTER SET, AFTER AFTER SET, AFTERSET AFTER SET, AFTERSET given that AFTER SET, AFTERSET due to the fact THEY SET on the grounds that THEY SET because THEYARE SET on the grounds that THEYARE efficiency ARE performance ARE PERFORMANCESHEETS.SHEETS. SHEETS.AT SHEETS.At the SHEETS.At the equal SHEETS.Even as, even as, whilst,they may be at the same time,they’re lovely they are attractive they may be BEAUTIFULAND they’re BEAUTIFULAND IF they are BEAUTIFULAND for those who they are BEAUTIFULAND for those who could AND if you could AND for those who COULDREACH AND if you happen to COULDREACH via AND in the event you COULDREACH through THE attain by way of THE reach by way of THESCREEN, attain by means of THESCREEN, consider reach by way of THESCREEN, suppose OF screen, think OF screen, consider OFWHAT reveal, feel OFWHAT A reveal, feel OFWHAT A ROSE screen, believe OFWHAT A ROSE PEDAL, WHAT A ROSE PEDAL, WHAT A ROSE PEDAL,IF WHAT A ROSE PEDAL,when you WHAT A ROSE PEDAL,in case you bought WHAT A ROSE PEDAL,for those who acquired ROSES should you obtained ROSES in case you acquired ROSESFOR if you bought ROSESFOR mother’S in case you received ROSESFOR mother’S DAY, FOR mother’S DAY, FOR mother’S DAY,consider FOR mother’S DAY,suppose ABOUT FOR mom’S DAY,consider ABOUT WHAT FOR mother’S DAY,believe ABOUT WHAT A consider ABOUT WHAT A believe ABOUT WHAT AROSE suppose ABOUT WHAT AROSE PEDAL suppose ABOUT WHAT AROSE PEDAL FEELS suppose ABOUT WHAT AROSE PEDAL FEELS IN ROSE PEDAL FEELS IN ROSE PEDAL FEELS INBETWEEN ROSE PEDAL FEELS INBETWEEN YOUR BETWEEN YOUR BETWEEN YOURFINGERS.FINGERS. FINGERS.EMERGENCY FINGERS.EMERGENCY THAT FINGERS.EMERGENCY THAT UP EMERGENCY THAT UP EMERGENCY THAT UPNEXT EMERGENCY THAT UPNEXT TO EMERGENCY THAT UPNEXT TO YOUR EMERGENCY THAT UPNEXT TO YOUR FACE. Next TO YOUR FACE. Subsequent TO YOUR FACE.Suppose subsequent TO YOUR FACE.Assume THAT subsequent TO YOUR FACE.Imagine THAT ON suppose THAT ON imagine THAT ONYOUR think THAT ONYOUR LEGS, assume THAT ONYOUR LEGS, AS imagine THAT ONYOUR LEGS, AS YOU YOUR LEGS, AS YOU YOUR LEGS, AS YOUHOP YOUR LEGS, AS YOUHOP INTO YOUR LEGS, AS YOUHOP INTO mattress YOUR LEGS, AS YOUHOP INTO bed during HOP INTO bed during HOP INTO bed DURINGTHE HOP INTO bed DURINGTHE SUMMERTIME HOP INTO bed DURINGTHE SUMMERTIME AND THE SUMMERTIME AND THE SUMMERTIME ANDALSO THE SUMMERTIME ANDALSO TOO, THE SUMMERTIME ANDALSO TOO, you are additionally TOO, you are additionally TOO, YOU’REGOING also TOO, YOU’REGOING TO additionally TOO, YOU’REGOING TO HAVE GOING TO HAVE GOING TO HAVESOMETHING GOING TO HAVESOMETHING that is anything that is something THAT’SNOT some thing THAT’SNOT GOING whatever THAT’SNOT GOING TO anything THAT’SNOT GOING TO BE no longer GOING TO BE now not GOING TO BEHEAVY, no longer GOING TO BEHEAVY, SO not GOING TO BEHEAVY, SO it can be HEAVY, SO it can be HEAVY, SO IT’SGOING HEAVY, SO IT’SGOING TO HEAVY, SO IT’SGOING TO preserve HEAVY, SO IT’SGOING TO preserve YOU GOING TO maintain YOU GOING TO maintain YOUCOOLER GOING TO preserve YOUCOOLER throughout GOING TO hold YOUCOOLER during THE COOLER throughout THE COOLER for the duration of THESUMMER COOLER in the course of THESUMMER TIME.Summer time. Summer season.THIS summer time.This is summer time.This is MY summer time.This is MY favourite that is MY favorite this is MY FAVORITETHINGS this is MY FAVORITETHINGS ABOUT that is MY FAVORITETHINGS ABOUT THIS, things ABOUT THIS, things ABOUT THIS,you’ll matters ABOUT THIS,you’ll be able to by no means things ABOUT THIS,you’ll be able to certainly not HAVE you can by no means HAVE you can certainly not HAVETO you’ll by no means HAVETO TAKE you’ll on no account HAVETO TAKE AN you’ll never HAVETO TAKE AN IRON you’ll be able to on no account HAVETO TAKE AN IRON OR TO TAKE AN IRON OR TO TAKE AN IRON ORSTEAMER TO TAKE AN IRON ORSTEAMER TO TO TAKE AN IRON ORSTEAMER to those STEAMER to those STEAMER TO THESESHEETS.SHEETS. SHEETS.HOW SHEETS.What number of what number of HOW MANYTIMES, HOW MANYTIMES, last HOW MANYTIMES, last MINUTE, times, last MINUTE, occasions, final MINUTE,WE occasions, final MINUTE,we all know instances, last MINUTE,we know somebody times, final MINUTE,we know an individual IS we all know a person IS we all know anyone ISCOMING we know an individual ISCOMING TO we know somebody ISCOMING TO visit, COMING TO talk over with, COMING TO consult with,but COMING TO consult with,but WE COMING TO discuss with,but WE WAIT COMING TO seek advice from,however WE WAIT except but WE WAIT unless however WE WAIT UNTILTHE but WE WAIT UNTILTHE final however WE WAIT UNTILTHE last MINUTE but WE WAIT UNTILTHE last MINUTE TO THE final MINUTE TO THE final MINUTE TOGET THE last MINUTE TOGET THE THE final MINUTE TOGET THE guest THE last MINUTE TOGET THE guest bed GET THE visitor mattress GET THE visitor BEDREADY GET THE guest BEDREADY AND GET THE visitor BEDREADY AND THE in a position AND THE competent AND THESHEETS equipped AND THESHEETS IS equipped AND THESHEETS IS A SHEETS IS A SHEETS IS AWRINKLED SHEETS IS AWRINKLED MESS SHEETS IS AWRINKLED MESS AND WRINKLED MESS AND WRINKLED MESS ANDYOU’RE WRINKLED MESS ANDYOU’RE attempting WRINKLED MESS ANDYOU’RE looking to you’re trying to you are trying TOIRON you are making an attempt TOIRON THEM.IRON THEM. IRON THEM.YOU IRON THEM.You take IRON THEM.You’re taking THEM IRON THEM.You take THEM OUT you’re taking THEM OUT you are taking THEM OUTOF you take THEM OUTOF THE you’re taking THEM OUTOF THE DRIER you take THEM OUTOF THE DRIER AND OF THE DRIER AND OF THE DRIER ANDTHEY OF THE DRIER ANDTHEY look OF THE DRIER ANDTHEY seem good OF THE DRIER ANDTHEY appear good AS THEY appear good AS THEY look good AS– THEY appear good AS– OUR THEY seem good AS– OUR CREW THEY seem excellent AS– OUR CREW THAT THEY look good AS– OUR CREW THAT — — OUR CREW THAT — — OUR CREW THAT –THE — OUR CREW THAT –THE CREW — OUR CREW THAT –THE CREW THAT — OUR CREW THAT –THE CREW THAT SET THE CREW THAT SET THE CREW THAT SETUP THE CREW THAT SETUP THE THE CREW THAT SETUP THE SET, THE CREW THAT SETUP THE SET, THEY UP THE SET, THEY UP THE SET, THEYLIKE UP THE SET, THEYLIKE WHEN UP THE SET, THEYLIKE when we UP THE SET, THEYLIKE when we DO LIKE when we DO LIKE once we DOMICROFIBER LIKE once we DOMICROFIBER considering the fact that MICROFIBER in view that MICROFIBER BECAUSETHEY MICROFIBER BECAUSETHEY don’t MICROFIBER BECAUSETHEY would not have MICROFIBER BECAUSETHEY don’t need to they do not have got to THEY do not have TOPREPARE THEY wouldn’t have TOPREPARE because THEY should not have TOPREPARE due to the fact — put together considering the fact that — put together considering that –>>guest: put together considering –>>guest: YOU prepare on account that –>>guest: which you can >>guest: that you could >>visitor: YOU CANWASH >>guest: YOU CANWASH THE >>visitor: YOU CANWASH THE multiple WASH THE a couple of WASH THE MULTIPLESETS WASH THE MULTIPLESETS collectively units collectively sets TOGETHERBECAUSE sets TOGETHERBECAUSE they may be when you consider that they’re when you consider that THEY’RELIGHTER when you consider that THEY’RELIGHTER IN because THEY’RELIGHTER IN WEIGHT.LIGHTER IN WEIGHT. LIGHTER IN WEIGHT.THEY LIGHTER IN WEIGHT.They are going to LIGHTER IN WEIGHT.They will DRY LIGHTER IN WEIGHT.They’re going to DRY IN LIGHTER IN WEIGHT.They’re going to DRY IN A they will DRY IN A they’ll DRY IN ATHIRD they will DRY IN ATHIRD OF they’ll DRY IN ATHIRD OF THE they are going to DRY IN ATHIRD OF THE TIME. 1/3 OF THE TIME. >>Host: >>Host: THEY >>Host: THEY DO. >>guest: >>guest: IT >>visitor: IT SAVES >>visitor: IT SAVESYOU >>guest: IT SAVESYOU DRYING >>visitor: IT SAVESYOU DRYING TIME. YOU DRYING TIME. YOU DRYING TIME.You are YOU DRYING TIME.You’re GETTING YOU DRYING TIME.You’re GETTING THE you are GETTING THE you are GETTING THEEXTRA you are GETTING THEEXTRA PILLOW you are GETTING THEEXTRA PILLOW circumstances.Further PILLOW cases. Further PILLOW instances.CONNIE extra PILLOW instances.CONNIE stated extra PILLOW cases.CONNIE said IF further PILLOW instances.CONNIE mentioned should you CONNIE stated if you happen to CONNIE mentioned IF YOUHAVE CONNIE mentioned IF YOUHAVE TWO CONNIE said IF YOUHAVE TWO PILLOWS HAVE TWO PILLOWS HAVE TWO PILLOWSAND HAVE TWO PILLOWSAND you will have TWO PILLOWSAND you want HAVE TWO PILLOWSAND you want TO AND you wish to have TO AND you want TOCHANGE AND you want TOCHANGE THE AND you wish to have TOCHANGE THE cases exchange THE circumstances alternate THE CASESMORE exchange THE CASESMORE more commonly exchange THE CASESMORE traditionally OR exchange THE CASESMORE typically OR IF more traditionally OR IF more regularly OR IFYOU’RE extra most of the time OR IFYOU’RE LIKE extra most commonly OR IFYOU’RE LIKE ME more mostly OR IFYOU’RE LIKE ME AND you are LIKE ME AND you’re LIKE ME ANDHAVE you’re LIKE ME ANDHAVE A you are LIKE ME ANDHAVE A TON you are LIKE ME ANDHAVE A TON OF HAVE A TON OF HAVE A TON OFPILLOWS, HAVE A TON OFPILLOWS, i’ve A TON OFPILLOWS, i buy HAVE A TON OFPILLOWS, i purchase MY PILLOWS, i purchase MY PILLOWS, i purchase MYSHEETS PILLOWS, i buy MYSHEETS — SHEETS — SHEETS –>>Host: SHEETS –>>Host: but SHEETS –>>Host: however WE >>Host: however WE >>Host: but WEHAVEN’T >>Host: however WEHAVEN’T finished >>Host: but WEHAVEN’T finished THAT have not completed THAT have not executed THAT– — –>>visitor: –>>guest: possibly –>>visitor: perhaps HOST >>guest: might be HOST >>guest: maybe HOSTPICK.Decide upon. Opt for.WE decide upon.WE DO opt for.WE DO IT select.WE DO IT FOR select.WE DO IT FOR HOST WE DO IT FOR HOST WE DO IT FOR HOSTPICK WE DO IT FOR HOSTPICK AND WE DO IT FOR HOSTPICK AND that is WE DO IT FOR HOSTPICK AND that’s IT decide upon AND that is IT pick AND that is ITSO decide on AND that is ITSO THIS decide upon AND that’s ITSO that is opt for AND that’s ITSO this is YOUR SO that is YOUR SO that is YOURSTOCK SO that is YOURSTOCK UP SO that is YOURSTOCK UP TIME SO that is YOURSTOCK UP TIME AND stock UP TIME AND stock UP TIME ANDWHAT stock UP TIME ANDWHAT A stock UP TIME ANDWHAT A nice stock UP TIME ANDWHAT A satisfactory worth, WHAT A excellent value, WHAT A excellent value,but WHAT A first-class value,however A WHAT A quality worth,but a better but a greater but A BETTERFEELING however A BETTERFEELING SHEET.FEELING SHEET. FEELING SHEET.IF FEELING SHEET.In case you FEELING SHEET.In case you have FEELING SHEET.When you have by no means when you have never when you have NEVERSHOPPED when you’ve got NEVERSHOPPED A if you have NEVERSHOPPED A CONSIERGE SHOPPED A CONSIERGE SHOPPED A CONSIERGECOLLECTION SHOPPED A CONSIERGECOLLECTION — collection — assortment –>>Host: assortment –>>Host: THESE assortment –>>Host: THESE ARE >>Host: THESE ARE >>Host: THESE AREBUTTERY. BUTTERY. BUTTERY.WE BUTTERY.We have now BUTTERY.We’ve got THIS we have THIS we now have THISPALETTE. PALETTE. PALETTE.It can be PALETTE.It’s ONE PALETTE.It’s ONE thing PALETTE.It can be ONE thing TO it is ONE thing TO it can be ONE thing TOHAVE it is ONE thing TOHAVE ONE it’s ONE factor TOHAVE ONE color, it is ONE thing TOHAVE ONE color, we now have ONE color, we’ve ONE colour, WEHAVE HAVE ONE color, WEHAVE A HAVE ONE colour, WEHAVE A PALETTE HAVE ONE colour, WEHAVE A PALETTE which have A PALETTE which have A PALETTE THATHONESTLY HAVE A PALETTE THATHONESTLY IS HAVE A PALETTE THATHONESTLY is simply truthfully is solely honestly IS JUSTDREAMY.DREAMY. >>visitor: >>guest: IT >>visitor: it’s. >>Host: >>Host: THESE >>Host: THESECOLORS >>Host: THESECOLORS ARE colours ARE colours AREBEAUTIFUL. Attractive. >>visitor: >>visitor: this is >>guest: here’s THE >>visitor: here is THESOFT >>guest: here is THESOFT red. Delicate purple. Delicate crimson.WE delicate pink.We’ve got tender purple.We’ve THE we’ve got THE we have THEBEAUTIFUL we now have THEBEAUTIFUL BLUE we have THEBEAUTIFUL BLUE AND stunning BLUE AND gorgeous BLUE ANDTHE stunning BLUE ANDTHE AQUA. THE AQUA. THE AQUA.I THE AQUA.I really like THE AQUA.I love THE i really like THE i really like THESTITCHING i love THESTITCHING AND i love THESTITCHING AND IT STITCHING AND IT STITCHING AND ITADDS STITCHING AND ITADDS THE STITCHING AND ITADDS THE LITTLE STITCHING AND ITADDS THE LITTLE POP provides THE LITTLE POP adds THE LITTLE POPAND adds THE LITTLE POPAND A provides THE LITTLE POPAND slightly adds THE LITTLE POPAND a little bit SHEEN.AND slightly SHEEN. AND a bit of SHEEN.WE AND slightly SHEEN.We’ve AND somewhat SHEEN.We’ve YOUR AND a little bit SHEEN.We now have YOUR gray, we’ve YOUR grey, now we have YOUR grey,YOUR now we have YOUR gray,YOUR page, we now have YOUR grey,YOUR web page, THAT YOUR web page, THAT YOUR page, THATWHITE, YOUR web page, THATWHITE, in case your web page, THATWHITE, in the event you YOUR page, THATWHITE, for those who GET WHITE, in the event you GET WHITE, should you GETTWO WHITE, should you GETTWO sets, WHITE, when you GETTWO units, MAKE WHITE, in the event you GETTWO units, MAKE ONE TWO sets, MAKE ONE TWO units, MAKE ONEOF TWO units, MAKE ONEOF THEM TWO sets, MAKE ONEOF THEM WHITE.OF THEM WHITE. OF THEM WHITE.Anything OF THEM WHITE.Something YOU OF THEM WHITE.Anything you put some thing you put anything YOU PUTWITH anything YOU PUTWITH IT something YOU PUTWITH it’s anything YOU PUTWITH it’s GOING anything YOU PUTWITH it’s going to WITH it’s going to WITH it’s GOING TOLOOK WITH it is GOING TOLOOK higher. Look higher. Appear higher.YOUR seem better.YOUR LAVENDER look higher.YOUR LAVENDER AND YOUR LAVENDER AND YOUR LAVENDER ANDYOUR YOUR LAVENDER ANDYOUR SAGE.YOUR SAGE. YOUR SAGE.AND YOUR SAGE.And i YOUR SAGE.AND i like YOUR SAGE.AND i really like THE AND i love THE AND i love THEWHITE AND i really like THEWHITE BLANKET AND i really like THEWHITE BLANKET AT WHITE BLANKET AT WHITE BLANKET ATTHE WHITE BLANKET ATTHE end WHITE BLANKET ATTHE finish OF WHITE BLANKET ATTHE end OF THE WHITE BLANKET ATTHE end OF THE mattress, the top OF THE mattress, the top OF THE bed,CONNIE. CONNIE. CONNIE.IT CONNIE.IT FINISHES IT FINISHES IT FINISHESEVERYTHING. Everything. >>Host: >>Host: WE >>Host: we’ve got >>Host: WE HAVELOADS >>Host: WE HAVELOADS OF >>Host: WE HAVELOADS OF individuals lots of folks loads of PEOPLESAYING quite a lot of PEOPLESAYING sure lots of PEOPLESAYING sure TO a whole lot of PEOPLESAYING yes TO THE pronouncing yes TO THE announcing sure TO THEBLANKET.BLANKET. BLANKET.THE BLANKET.THE BLANKET BLANKET.THE BLANKET IS BLANKET.THE BLANKET IS YOUR THE BLANKET IS YOUR THE BLANKET IS YOUR100% THE BLANKET IS YOUR100% COTTON THE BLANKET IS YOUR100% COTTON BLANKET a hundred% COTTON BLANKET 100% COTTON BLANKETTHAT one hundred% COTTON BLANKETTHAT each person THAT each person THAT EVERYBODYSHOULD THAT EVERYBODYSHOULD HAVE THAT EVERYBODYSHOULD HAVE AT THAT EVERYBODYSHOULD HAVE at the will have to HAVE on the will have to HAVE AT THEEND should HAVE AT THEEND OF should HAVE AT THEEND OF THE should HAVE AT THEEND OF THE mattress must HAVE AT THEEND OF THE bed FOR end OF THE mattress FOR end OF THE mattress FORTHIS end OF THE mattress FORTHIS TIME finish OF THE bed FORTHIS TIME OF finish OF THE bed FORTHIS TIME OF 12 months. THIS TIME OF year. THIS TIME OF 12 months.It can be THIS TIME OF 12 months.It is only THIS TIME OF 12 months.It can be handiest $29.Ninety five. It can be only $29.95. It is most effective $29.Ninety five.SO it’s most effective $29.Ninety five.SO I it can be handiest $29.95.SO i would it is handiest $29.Ninety five.SO i might enormously SO i might totally SO i might HIGHLYRECOMMEND SO i might HIGHLYRECOMMEND THAT propose THAT recommend THATBLANKET.BLANKET. BLANKET.IF BLANKET.When you BLANKET.IF which you can BLANKET.IF which you can GET BLANKET.IF that you could GET A IF which you could GET A IF that you could GET ASET IF you could GET ASET OF IF you can GET ASET of these SET of those SET OF THESESHEETS, SET OF THESESHEETS, AND SET OF THESESHEETS, AND IN SET OF THESESHEETS, AND on this SHEETS, AND in this SHEETS, AND IN THISBLANKET, SHEETS, AND IN THISBLANKET, i’m BLANKET, i’m BLANKET, I’MTELLING BLANKET, I’MTELLING YOU, BLANKET, I’MTELLING YOU, you’re TELLING YOU, you’re TELLING YOU, YOU’REGOING TELLING YOU, YOU’REGOING TO TELLING YOU, YOU’REGOING to like GOING to like GOING TO LOVEGETTING GOING TO LOVEGETTING competent GOING TO LOVEGETTING equipped FOR GETTING equipped FOR GETTING able FORBED GETTING competent FORBED AT GETTING in a position FORBED AT night time, bed AT night, bed AT night time,SLIPPING bed AT night,SLIPPING INTO bed AT night time,SLIPPING INTO YOUR SLIPPING INTO YOUR SLIPPING INTO YOURBED SLIPPING INTO YOURBED OR SLIPPING INTO YOURBED OR IF SLIPPING INTO YOURBED OR IF you’re mattress OR IF you’re bed OR in case you’RELUCKY mattress OR in the event you’RELUCKY enough, mattress OR for those who’RELUCKY adequate, i will lucky adequate, i’ll fortunate enough, I’LLTELL fortunate ample, I’LLTELL YOU lucky enough, I’LLTELL YOU WHAT, lucky sufficient, I’LLTELL YOU WHAT, IF lucky adequate, I’LLTELL YOU WHAT, IF I inform you WHAT, IF I tell you WHAT, IF ICOULD inform you WHAT, IF ICOULD DO inform you WHAT, IF ICOULD DO ONE inform you WHAT, IF ICOULD DO ONE thing could DO ONE factor would DO ONE THINGAND might DO ONE THINGAND TAKE would DO ONE THINGAND TAKE A would DO ONE THINGAND TAKE A NAP AND TAKE A NAP AND TAKE A NAPEVERY AND TAKE A NAPEVERY SINGLE AND TAKE A NAPEVERY SINGLE DAY each day each SINGLE DAYAND every SINGLE DAYAND I every SINGLE DAYAND I was every SINGLE DAYAND I was reading and that i was studying and i used to be READINGTHIS and i was once READINGTHIS ARTICLE, and i was READINGTHIS ARTICLE, THEY this article, THEY this text, THEYSAID this text, THEYSAID it’s stated it is said IT’SPRODUCTIVE said IT’SPRODUCTIVE FOR PRODUCTIVE FOR PRODUCTIVE FORPEOPLE PRODUCTIVE FORPEOPLE TO PRODUCTIVE FORPEOPLE TO TAKE PRODUCTIVE FORPEOPLE TO TAKE NAPS humans TO TAKE NAPS humans TO TAKE NAPSBECAUSE people TO TAKE NAPSBECAUSE THEIR considering that THEIR on account that THEIRBRAINS considering that THEIRBRAINS WORK seeing that THEIRBRAINS WORK higher BRAINS WORK better BRAINS WORK BETTERAFTER BRAINS WORK BETTERAFTER A BRAINS WORK BETTERAFTER A NAP.AFTER A NAP. AFTER A NAP.However AFTER A NAP.But WHO AFTER A NAP.However WHO HAS AFTER A NAP.But WHO HAS TIME. However WHO HAS TIME. >>guest: >>visitor: slumbering >>visitor: SLEEPINGIS >>visitor: SLEEPINGIS most important. IS fundamental. >>Host: >>Host: MOST >>Host: MOST OF >>Host: MOST OF US, >>Host: MOST OF US,IF >>Host: MOST OF US,IF WE >>Host: MOST OF US,IF WE GET >>Host: MOST OF US,IF WE GET TO >>Host: MOST OF US,IF WE GET TO TAKE >>Host: MOST OF US,IF WE GET TO TAKE A IF WE GET TO TAKE A IF WE GET TO TAKE ANAP, IF WE GET TO TAKE ANAP, WE IF WE GET TO TAKE ANAP, we say IF WE GET TO TAKE ANAP, we are saying i am IF WE GET TO TAKE ANAP, we say i’m not NAP, we are saying i am not NAP, we are saying i am NOTGOING NAP, we say i am NOTGOING TO NAP, we are saying i’m NOTGOING TO GET NAP, we are saying i’m NOTGOING TO GET IN NAP, we are saying i’m NOTGOING TO GET IN MY GOING TO GET IN MY GOING TO GET IN MYBED GOING TO GET IN MYBED when you consider that GOING TO GET IN MYBED considering that I GOING TO GET IN MYBED in view that i don’t mattress for the reason that i do not mattress due to the fact I DON’TWANT mattress on the grounds that I DON’TWANT TO mattress given that I DON’TWANT to debris mattress in view that I DON’TWANT to mess UP bed seeing that I DON’TWANT to debris UP MY need to MESS UP MY want to MESS UP MYMADE wish to MESS UP MYMADE UP wish to MESS UP MYMADE UP bed.MADE UP bed. MADE UP bed.IF MADE UP mattress.In the event you MADE UP mattress.If you have MADE UP bed.When you’ve got THIS if in case you have THIS when you’ve got THISBLANKET when you have THISBLANKET — BLANKET — BLANKET –>>guest: BLANKET –>>guest: IT BLANKET –>>guest: IT doesn’t >>guest: IT does not >>guest: IT DOESN’TMATTER >>visitor: IT DOESN’TMATTER WHAT >>visitor: IT DOESN’TMATTER WHAT dimension matter WHAT size topic WHAT SIZEBED topic WHAT SIZEBED YOU topic WHAT SIZEBED you might have. Bed you have. Bed you might have.I bed you might have.I have mattress you’ve.I have A bed you have got.I have A CALIFORNIA i’ve A CALIFORNIA i have A CALIFORNIAKING i have A CALIFORNIAKING measurement i have A CALIFORNIAKING measurement bed.KING dimension mattress. KING size bed.IF KING measurement mattress.When you KING measurement mattress.In case you GO KING size bed.For those who GO purchase KING measurement bed.If you GO purchase KING should you GO buy KING should you GO buy KINGSIZE if you GO buy KINGSIZE PILLOW when you GO buy KINGSIZE PILLOW circumstances, dimension PILLOW instances, size PILLOW cases,they’re dimension PILLOW cases,they are much measurement PILLOW circumstances,they’re much more they are much extra they’re much MOREEXPENSIVE. Luxurious. Pricey.You are pricey.You are GOING steeply-priced.You’re GOING TO steeply-priced.You’re GOING TO GET you are GOING TO GET you’re GOING TO GETFOUR you’re GOING TO GETFOUR KING you’re GOING TO GETFOUR KING dimension 4 KING dimension 4 KING SIZEPILLOW four KING SIZEPILLOW circumstances.PILLOW circumstances. PILLOW instances.AND PILLOW circumstances.AND THE PILLOW circumstances.AND the highest PILLOW instances.AND the highest SHEET AND the top SHEET AND the highest SHEETAND AND the highest SHEETAND do not forget, AND do not forget, AND recall,you’re AND consider,you are simplest AND recall,you’re only THE you are simplest THE you’re simplest THESECOND you’re simplest THESECOND folks you are handiest THESECOND folks TO 2nd people TO 2nd men and women TOSEE 2d men and women TOSEE THESE. SEE THESE. SEE THESE.WE SEE THESE.WE LAUNCHED SEE THESE.WE LAUNCHED THESE WE LAUNCHED THESE WE LAUNCHED THESELAST WE LAUNCHED THESELAST night WE LAUNCHED THESELAST night time OR WE LAUNCHED THESELAST night time OR THIS final night OR THIS last night OR THISMORNING. MORNING. >>Host: >>Host: LET’S >>Host: LET’S GO >>Host: LET’S GOOVER >>Host: LET’S GOOVER THE >>Host: LET’S GOOVER the colours. OVER the colours.OVER the colours.BLUE OVER the colours.BLUE AND OVER the colours.BLUE AND purple OVER the colors.BLUE AND purple ARE BLUE AND crimson ARE BLUE AND red AREEXTREMELY BLUE AND purple AREEXTREMELY standard. Incredibly trendy. >>guest: >>visitor: WOW! >>visitor: WOW!>>Host: >>visitor: WOW!>>Host: proper >>visitor: WOW!>>Host: right NOW >>Host: correct NOW >>Host: proper NOWWE >>Host: right NOWWE DO >>Host: correct NOWWE DO nonetheless >>Host: proper NOWWE DO still HAVE WE DO still HAVE WE DO still HAVEEVERY WE DO nonetheless HAVEEVERY SINGLE WE DO still HAVEEVERY SINGLE dimension. Every SINGLE size. >>visitor: >>visitor: isn’t >>visitor: is not THIS >>visitor: isn’t THISPRETTY. Pretty. Beautiful.TWIN, pretty.TWIN, FULL pretty.TWIN, FULL QUEEN, TWIN, FULL QUEEN, TWIN, FULL QUEEN,KING, TWIN, FULL QUEEN,KING, EVEN TWIN, FULL QUEEN,KING, EVEN CAL KING, EVEN CAL KING, EVEN CALKING.KING. >>Host: >>Host: I >>Host: i really like >>Host: i really like WHAT >>Host: i love WHATYOU >>Host: i love WHATYOU HAVE >>Host: i really like WHATYOU HAVE completed >>Host: i like WHATYOU HAVE accomplished WITH you might have carried out WITH you’ve completed WITHTHAT. THAT. >>guest: >>visitor: I >>visitor: i love >>visitor: I LIKETHAT.THAT. THAT.THIS THAT.That is THAT.This is THE THAT.This is THE BLUE this is THE BLUE this is THE BLUEAND this is THE BLUEAND THE this is THE BLUEAND THE AQUA that is THE BLUEAND THE AQUA AND AND THE AQUA AND AND THE AQUA ANDTHE AND THE AQUA ANDTHE WHITE. THE WHITE. THE WHITE.That’s THE WHITE.That’s summer THE WHITE.That is summer season equipped that’s summer time equipped that is summer season READYRIGHT that’s summer time READYRIGHT THERE. Right THERE. 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Top 10 Best sheets

Rocks wiki’s satisfactory product guide behindAmazon rocks wiki’s grants high ten first-class sheets commencing with the listnumber ten she’d title a hundred% top rate combed cottonsheet know-how one hundred% top class combed cotton imported our a hundred% top class cottonis above all combed to dispose of all but the best and longest fibers numbernine she’d identify sophisticated further softhighest-fine sheet information 100% cotton flannel imported number eightshe’d name 100% Egyptian cotton 650 thread rely sheet know-how 100%Egyptian cotton making these 650 thread count sheets the perfect in luxurynumber seven she’d identify mazzani luxurious bed sheet setsheet expertise 100% polyester microfiber imported quantity sixshe’d title secure house 1500 series luxury bed sheets sheet information softer thansilk equipped for a restful clean sleep quantity 5 she’d identify six piecebamboo mattress sheet units with stripes by way of cozy apartment sheet expertise a freshfeel like no other with soft bamboo sheets these bamboo sheets are ahigh-first-rate blend quantity four she’d title advanced 300 thread countcotton may just would print sheet set sheet knowledge a hundred% cotton imported numberthree named HC collection mattress sheet sheetinformation our 1800 sequence sheet set is comprised of double brushed microfibers andour softer and more breathable than Egyptian cotton quantity 2 she namedsuperior a hundred% premium combed cotton sheet understanding a hundred% premium longstaple combed cotton imported delicate softness quantity 1 she’d title a hundred percentpremium combed cotton 400 thread count deep sheet understanding one hundred% premiumcombed cotton imported thanks for staring at our video about prime 10 bestsheets to get those sheets adopted the description hyperlink bellow and subscribe toour channel for future add