hey loss how’s it going it’s Anne welcome to my channel I have been sharing with you my lifestyle change on how I want to simplify and live toward a more minimal lifestyle and I’m just so grateful and happy that you also resonate it with my message so I want to continue on with this and share with you all my lifestyle changes my healthy habits and so today I’m going to share with you how I create a reduce waste a zero waste kit that you can carry around with you every day or leave in your car for traveling or for work I truly believe that everything starts with the right intentions and from there you create it through healthy habits and you live by example by your actions and just by doing that you know you can just create this whole new lifestyle that is going to enrich everything around you and yourself I know that I have a lot to improve but I’m really happy that I’m doing something about it and that I’m moving forward with this so I hope that I can impact and inspire you in some way or the other so let’s go ahead and get started alright so let’s go over the basic items that you can make and keep in your kit we’re gonna start off with this non-toxic a DIY hand sanitizer I’ve been wanting to make this for a while now so finally here’s my chance this is super easy to make you can make a whole bunch of this for you and your family starting with a 4 ounce spray bottle I’m going to fill it up 1/4 of the way with some aloe vera gel this is great for soothing irritations and reduce inflammation and also hydrates your skin now we’re going to fill up the bottle with some witch hazel it’s antimicrobial and also an astringent that helps heal the skin from irritations and other allergy reactions then I’m going to add in about 6 to 10 drops of vitamin E oil which helps soothe skin and also is a natural preservative lastly I’m going to add in about 15 drops of lavender oil to give it a nice a scent make sure to shake up other ingredients well and then you can use it I am such a fan of the spray I actually made an extra bottle to leave in my car for whenever I need to use it now for this next DIY we’re going to make some handkerchief here I have an older organic cotton flannel bedsheet that I’m going to repurpose and cut into rectangular squares alright so this next part is totally up to you but what I’m going to do with the raw edges is fold them about half an inch in and sew them by doing so the edges will look nice and clean and I can use this over many times as reusable napkins without having the raw edges unravel on me this really helps me eliminate using paper towels and it’s been super practical to have around in the house and made a whole bunch of this and after I’m done using them I just wash them and reuse and of course I’m going to include a reusable tumbler for my kit you can of course use any other containers you prefer I love using straws because it’s very similar to ordering a takeout container and I’d love to see what I’m drinking at the moment it just gives me that satisfaction to reduce waste and to also enjoy my day I would take this to my local cafe and ask for them to fill it up with my favorite drink this tumbler holds up to 20 ounces of liquid altogether so I would just pay whatever it’s equivalent to and my cafe don’t mind filling it up at all this next tip is very handy when it comes to going to the farmers market alright so if you have some paper bags I highly recommend for you to include that in your kit make sure that they come in different sizes I love bringing this to the farmers market with me or just going produce shopping because all my produce stays more fresh in paper bags then they do in plastic bags so what I do with this brown paper is I just cut them up into different sized pieces I roll them up and just tie them together with this twine so when I go to the grocery stores or the local farmers market I just buy my produce wrap them in between this and place them in the fridge they will stay fresh longer than in a PLAs the bags my fifth essential item that I like to carry around with me is a foldable reusable shopping bag although I am carrying a tote bag already sometimes I do pick up other things along the way especially when I’m running errands and this help prevents me from just bringing home more plastic bags you can customize your own kit too however way you like whatever is more suitable for your lifestyle you can add a food container depending on you know what you do during the day time or where you’re going so I have a few kits here this is my travel kit and then I have a work kit and then I also sometimes like to switch up my bag to something more edgy you know so it could go with my outfits and that way I can still excited about this lifestyle change instead of filling restrict it to being a certain way I hope today’s video inspires you so that way you can start creating healthy habits for yourself and everything else around you thank you all so much for watching make sure to give this video a thumbs up comment below let me know which one is your favorite item in this kit what would you add what would you not have and I will see you next Thursday love you ciao