Easy Wire Hanging Planter at Home-Hanging Flower Pot-Wire Planter-Hanging pot Ideas//GREEN PLANTS

welcome back to my channel in this video i’m showing now making the wire hanging planter first i just take same size three pieces of wire wire length is 70 cm and 3 mm thickness now joining the end nodes of the wire using gum tape now wires are ready next connecting with one another using nylon thread strongly tie them all together preparing the another wire connecting it the middle of this sphere shape wires next preparing 35cm length of three the wires to make as a basket at the lower part of this wire planter next connecting them now sphere shape wire basket is ready next it’s a filtering sponge sheet place the filter sheet in the wire basket next put the coco husk chips and coir then filling the coco peat planting the begonia plant and spider plant into this hanging planter after planting, remove the excess sponge sheet at last connect the hanging thread after planting water thoroughly then water to this planter once or twice a week thanks for watching.

Indoor Tabletop Forest Garden | Indoor Garden Ideas | Indoor Plants Decoration//GREEN PLANTS

welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to make a table top forest garden first i just take a piece of plastic sheet place the plastic sheet on the flat surface placing the coconut husk around the sheet placing the another piece of plastic sheet adding the stones next adding potting soil next planting some indoor plants add the stones on the top of the soil placing some gravel rocks and colored stones after all, watering the forest garden.