Liquid Sand Hot Tub- Fluidized air bed

I sit in a jacuzzi full of aspect with sand. (Laughter) These are the best matters ever! For those who take sand like this and add air in the right approach, it will develop into liquid soup. (song) In science, this phenomenon is referred to as a liquid bed. It’s utilized in enterprise for powder coating and grain silos, to make certain the grain flows smoothly from the outlet. (music) With air, the surface virtually has no friction. Like an air hockey table. (tune happening) When the air stops, the whole lot freezes in situation. (track happening) So at present i’ll show you construct a simplified variant just like your self. And then due to the fact that she aroused my curiosity, what if I absolutely flooded myself with whatever like this … Now we have constructed a jacuzzi-sized variant. As you will discover there is a 60-yr-historic video displaying this experience via the British Royal Institute, that means that this experience is just not new I wanted to construct one for a long time, but that you would be able to infrequently get knowledge online to build one. So I assembled some sketches in patents for some gigantic factories She noted that alternatively of having one tremendous air outlet, they all incorporate small vents to take out the air. Despite realizing this, it took 25 unsuccessful makes an attempt to root out this design. As one can find, it’s best a collection of half of-inch plastic pipes arranged in a ladder shape. But the secret’s to open two 1 mm diameter holes ninety levels aside, and make a 25mm hole. Then stick the entire pipes with each and every other and make the openings down so that the sand does now not enter in Then just close the bowl with some hot glue. Then fill the bowl with sand or glass beads. You could function it with the sort of small air pump or that you would be able to employ a nitrogen cylinder for $ 30 and run it for 10 minutes per cylinder. As normal, i’ll hyperlink the entire pieces you used to explain the video. So my pal Ken has a damaged jacuzzi in his outdoor, which we decided to make use of (track) (Laughter) whilst you stop, you think like you’re trapped for your location and you have a heavy blanket on every part of your physique. (Laughter) Uhh! (music) Now that i have confirmed it and tested its readiness, i will proceed on my mission to grow to be my favorite Uncle (Awa Khal English does now not discriminate) … Pew Pew Pew Pew, uhh! (screaming) I decided to shock my nephews (or my English sister does no longer discriminate) out (Squeaking sound) Wha! Ahhh! (Laughter) (music) (laughter and screaming) but before we swim within the sand, let’s speak about the science behind this liquid mattress Wait Wait do not go should you consider science is boring and if you’re new to this channel You need to understand that my procedure is similar to the system of hunting folklore (a form of dinosaur). I attempt to deliver people attractive or unique to appear at after which when they do not anticipate it Roar … A intelligent woman, the folklore makes a sound I admit that the abstract will finally show up, however be executed if you stay with me for two minutes I promise to make it less complicated to comprehend and by using now not making it seem petty Fluidization is simplest when there is enough force of air compressed as much as the force of gravity or weight down. And then what happens is that every grain of sand floats within the air in equilibrium like this you could suppose it as whatever in the mid-tug of conflict. If anything is in equilibrium. This means that that there is a draw and nobody can drag to its direction (air – gravity) nonetheless, if we add Steve Austin (a famous wrestler) to both path, we will be able to lose steadiness on one part. It’s precisely what happens if we develop the air pump When the liquefaction happens, the sensitive point is when the sand floats in balance This makes it free to maneuver and you can additionally notice that some swimming swimming pools are pumped into the air to lower the impact of the diver. Now observe that there are things floating on the skin of the sand and things sink this is involving the buoyancy drive and follows this equation (buoyancy force = liquid density * physique density * gravity) When an object is underneath a strain gradient, and there are forces urgent it from each facet, it presses extra as it deepens down. So you’re more distressed if you end up down in the dogpile (a game involving a number of persons jumping over one in all them) or consider the pain to your ears as you dive deep into the pool. This is sensible as the deeper the more water is above and in turn will push you down. In the event you add the scale and direction of those shares, you’re going to in finding that a few of them cancels the other and you continue to have the forces amassed (aggregated) push you up. These buoyancy forces, in case your buoyancy forces are higher than gravity will go with the flow. If the buoyancy is less than gravity, it’s going to sink. Now, in general we most often believe of buoyancy with water, however that you may assume it with a balloon of Helum with our atmosphere. So here is a elaborate question which of those has greater buoyancy forces? It’s sincerely a ball? Buoyancy forces have nothing to do with physique density, however handiest by measurement. So for the reason that the ball is bigger, it has more buoyancy. However that you could object that why the ball sinks and the balloon floats? Recollect that as a tug of warfare, the ball sinks considering the fact that the forces of gravity on the thick rubber and the compressed air within it for a colossal amount of buoyancy. But for the balloon, even though he does not have buoyancy, It stays floating, seeing that the buoyancy forces are better than the drive of weight (gravity) by way of helium and skinny rubber. And helium his legs upward push as a ball rising from the bottom of a pond. After which it will discontinue the place air density is equal to that of helium throughout the balloon, for the reason that there will be a draw. View! We are completed! Now let’s return to my nephews (or my English sister would not divide). (guffaw) (Squawking) (Laughter) (Squawking with laughter) Oh no! I cannot take them out! Take it! (Nephew) I cannot! (His different nephew) Take it! Stop it! 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