The Truth About The My Pillow Commercial Guy

Do you wake up feeling tired in the morning? Are those mornings ruined by phantom headaches,a stiff neck, and “a tingly feeling” in your fingertips? If so, you may have spent one too many sleeplessnights watching MyPillow infomercials. And who can blame you? After all, they’re nearly impossible to avoid,as according to CNBC, MyPillow creator Mike Lindell has spent more than $100 million onthem. But it seems to have paid off, as by 2017,MyPillow was reportedly raking in more than $300 million a year in revenue. But how much do you actually know about Lindell? It may all sound like a crazy fever dreamwhen you learn the amazing truth about the MyPillow commercial guy. He was a crack addict Lindell founded MyPillow in 2004, but it wasnearly derailed by his crack addiction. How bad was it? He told Bloomberg that in 2008, his dealeractually staged an intervention. “The one guy says, ‘Mike’s been up for fourteendays.’ He said, ‘We’re shuttin’ you off.You’re not getting anything.'” Lindell said he eventually cleaned up hisact on January 16th, 2009, when he reportedly quit all substances after one last blowout. He told CNBC, “And I said, ‘You know, God, I’m gonna wakeup in the morning and never have the desire again for this.'” It worked. Amazing what a good night’s sleep can do foryou! Dream come true Fittingly enough, Lindell claims the ideafor MyPillow came to him in a dream. He told CNBC, “I mean, I got up in the middle of the night,it was about two in the morning, and I had ‘MyPillow’ wrote everywhere in the kitchenand all over the house.” In a moment he vividly reenacted in a MyPillowcommercial, Lindell claims one of his daughters entered the kitchen that night and found herfather working.He told her. “I’ve got this idea for this pillow. It’s gonna be called MyPillow!” All his daughter apparently said was: “That’sreally random,” and turned and headed back downstairs. Sounds like a well-adjusted child. If we ever walked into the kitchen to findour father scrawling “MyPillow” all over everything, we would scream. He thinks MyPillow was an act of God After dropping out of college back in 1979,and being fired from a job at a supermarket, Lindell struggled for decades, trying everythingfrom raising pigs to becoming a professional gambler. So it’s no wonder he credits God with boththe initial idea, and for the massive success of MyPillow. He told CNBC, “I look back now and go, ‘The only way wewere able to do that was divine intervention.'” Lindell has tried to pay things back in numerousway, including staging the world’s largest pillow fight at an evangelistic meeting inMinnesota.”Keep swinging at everybody! Keep swinging it! Woo! Say, ‘Jesus!'” And he also co-founded LIGHTBEAMedia, a Christianproduction company that offers cinematic fare such as Heaven, How I Got Here: A Night withthe Thief on the Cross, which stars Stephen Baldwin as a thief who dies on a crucifixseveral feet away from Jesus Christ. “I did it and it felt good. When a thief gets sloppy, a thief gets caught.” “Lord, make these pillows that people takehome their prayer pillow.” Bad boss? Back in 2014, an anonymous source posted anaudio clip on YouTube that allegedly featured Lindell ranting and dropping the f-bomb onseveral of his employees after an order of 150,000 pillows got botched. Lindell reportedly berated one employee, screaming “Don’t shake your f—ing head!” Lindell’s lawyers had the audio scrubbed fromthe internet, and Lindell told the Star Tribune he suspected “two former employees and relatives”with a grudge leaked the audio.Some speculate he may have been referringto relatives of his ex-wife, Dallas Yocum, who Lindell says sent him packing with thewords, “I don’t love you. I never loved you. You’re boring.” “Shipping department!!” Deceptive ads My Pillow is famous for its comfort guarantee: “My Pillow, guaranteed the most comfortablepillow you’ll ever own or your money back.” What you’ll no longer see in their advertising,though, are claims that the pillow will have a positive influence on your health, riddingyou of insomnia, restless leg syndrome, migraines, snoring, sleep apnea, and fibromyalgia.That’s because MyPillow paid a $1 millionsettlement in a lawsuit brought by the state of California alleging “deceptive advertisingpractices” for making claims they “should have known [] were untrue or misleading.” “They don’t care! They don’t care!” “They don’t give a rat’s ass!” Meanwhile, Truth in Advertising ExecutiveDirector Bonnie Patten sounds pretty certain Lindell did plenty wrong: “MyPillow was deceiving consumers into buyingthese expensive pillows thinking that it was going to help their health conditions whenhe [Mike Lindell] had no science to back up these claims.” That wasn’t the only problem with their adseither. In January, 2017, MyPillow’s “A+” rating fromthe Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota dropped to an “F.” The issuethis time? An ongoing “buy one get one free” promotionwhere you didn’t actually get anything free.”The Bureau’s Barb Greeman says a pricingdeal with no time limit is really just the product’s regular price.” “There was one other thing, too. If you look at Walmart, if you look at Target,if you look at Amazon, you can get a MyPillow for fifty bucks.” “Right.” “If you go to their website, it’s eighty-nine.” For his part, Lindell denies there’s anythingshady about his shady practices, and claims he’s being persecuted because of his relationshipwith Donald Trump. Speaking of which Trump says Lindell makes a ‘great’ pillow As the expression goes, Mike Lindell and DonaldTrump are as thick as thieves. According to Lindell’s website, the two firstmet in 2016, with Lindell telling Trump that he was a “divine appointment.” Since then, Trump has publically shilled forMyPillow in his political speeches. “First of all he does make a great product,great pillows.I actually use them, believe it or not.” Believe it or not..