You Can Live Without Producing Trash

– “Laura Ling” average of what is produced by the American citizen Of waste equals 2 kg per day. This amount is equivalent to approximately 725 kg per year. But if we take some simple steps We can get out of this circle and minimize Hundreds of kilograms we produce each year into one jar. [Music] – “Lauren will click” Well this jar junk – “Laura Ling” two years of waste in this little jar! -Yeah. -This is madness. – I think I produced 20 times that per day – True, these are simply all garbage that I could not use as fertilizer Or recycled Or I didn’t know what to do. – Where did you get the idea of becoming a “person without waste”? It’s all started when I was in my final year at New York University as a student of environmental studies. One day, after school, I came home to make dinner I opened the fridge, and saw that everything in it Packaged in plastic. And I felt like a hypocrite We’re supposed to be the one who keeps the planet, And here I produced all this garbage. I think it’s very important to live according to the values you believe in, And my values were that I have Minimal negative impact on the environment. I have to live as well, I wanted to, so I decided To change my lifestyle. – What is the easiest part about reducing your waste? -I think it didn’t require much I had to do only to reduce the waste he produced Using some waste as fertilizer and buying my stuff in jars I reduced 80% of my garbage. Buy products without packaging means You have utensils to buy things That you can’t hold with your hands. For example, if you want to buy olive oil Bring with me a glass jar and fill it I buy beer from a local store And who sells them in reusable drums This is a completely waste-free drinking method. [Music] -I think you’re having a lot of questions about How do you do that. I was curious about several things And I’ll ask you some questions too Plastic toothbrushes? – Use a bamboo toothbrush that turns into compost. -Sponge? – Use a dish brush to turn into compost. – Tissue paper? – Cotton napkins. – Plastic cooking tools? – Wooden or metal utensils. – Cotton balls? – Multi-use cotton circles. – Drying paper? – Drying balls that I make myself. -What about “shampoo”? – Castile soap in a jar. -Makeup? – Organic vegetable makeup packaged in recyclable boxes. -Women’s products? – Menstrual cup. – Gift wrapping papers? -Why? Okay, you will teach me now How to make toothpaste. -Yeah -what should I do? Okay, we’ll mix two tablespoons Of organic coconut oil And hanging from baking soda, and then About 20 drops of organic peppermint oil. – Well, that’s how you make your toothpaste? -Yeah. -Let me see your teeth [Laughter] she looks very beautiful. -Yeah -What’s your dentist’s opinion about this? – He’s not angry at me yet. Okay, just take this spoon and scoop it on the toothbrush. -It’s not bad. It’s kind of salty. – Actually, it’s baking soda. – Actually, I feel like my teeth are clean So, thanks. Well, do you have any garbage containers in your house? -No, I don’t have any garbage containers in my house. -Because you don’t have any waste. -exactly. -It forced me I have to reduce my waste. What advice can you give me, or anyone else Wants to do it as you do? – I will suggest him to look at his garbage container He knows exactly what his waste is, and so you do You will not know what to reduce. Step two, use multi-use bags instead of paper bags Or PVC. Just a simple change every time. And the last step will be Make your own products. Learn how to make toothpaste. Learn how to make a deodorant. It’s fun to do. -What is your ultimate goal? -Before I live my lifestyle I wondered, why is there all this garbage? And why this is normal? We must find solutions before it gets out of hand. I never told anyone that you should follow this lifestyle, Or you should live this way. I kinda just followed a lifestyle I put it to the public, and I saw what was happening. [Music] Be sure to check out the other episode of “Out of Circle” With Mike Pasig and his small 225-square-foot house. – “Mike Pasig” I like to think of it as a return to Fundamentals of Humanity. I like to feel my contact with the earth. – Laura Ling This episode is part of Seker Stores We try to bring you great stories from around the world, In order to do that we would like you to share. Team Translation I translate | @ aurtjim .