How to Make a Waterfall With Fish Pond at Home | Waterfall Make Using Waste Materials //GREEN PLANTS

Welcome to my channel i will build a small waterfall with pond in backside of the condo i just use some historical and waste materials to construct this waterfall now starting it’s a garden soil I just put the soil on the floor and making a shape to the waterfall historical cement bricks koi fish pond plastic sheet it’s used to avoid water leakage within the soil flat floor rocks, damaged tiles and exceptional dimension rocks and gravels i just put the black gravel stones This helps the waft of water these are historical and usual rocks i simply gather it from wild area rocks offers a natural look to the waterfall reduce extra plastic sheet now i am environment pond pump after fill water to the pond then i just put some small white pebble stones it is a white sand stones i’m sprinkling this for a average and lovely look put some aquarium stones finally to naturalize the waterfall add some plants and grass now complete and in a position to experience