how to make a mini crossbow with simple steps ( DIY archery) home made toy crossbow

hello everyone…in this video i’m gonna teach you how to make a mini crossbow like this one and to make this you will need a sheet of paper, a plastic stick 8 bbq sticks , electric tape and a binder clip you’re also gonna need two rubber bands first..take three bbq sticks and use electric tape to tape them together .. like this then bring the other five sticks and hold them together using electric tape take the 2 bbq piles and put them across each other’s and tape them this bring the sheet of paper and roll it this way by using a pencil then tape it by electric tape use a small stick to push the pencil out of the paper roll then cut the roll into two pieces , small one and a bigger one take the bigger roll and fold it like this then tape it at the front of the crossbow take the other roll and tape it right above the folded one take the pinder clip and tape it at the back of the crossbow take the two rubber bands and use a small piece of tape to connect them together then fix the rubber bands between the sticks for both sides finally..bring the plastic stick and load the crossbow with it and you are ready to shoot always remember…don’t point this at any one just put a target for yourself , play safe and have fun .