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welcome to my channel in this video i’m going to make a table top forest garden first i just take a piece of plastic sheet place the plastic sheet on the flat surface placing the coconut husk around the sheet placing the another piece of plastic sheet adding the stones next adding potting soil next planting some indoor plants add the stones on the top of the soil placing some gravel rocks and colored stones after all, watering the forest garden.


hey loss how’s it going it’s Anne welcome to my channel I have been sharing with you my lifestyle change on how I want to simplify and live toward a more minimal lifestyle and I’m just so grateful and happy that you also resonate it with my message so I want to continue on with this and share with you all my lifestyle changes my healthy habits and so today I’m going to share with you how I create a reduce waste a zero waste kit that you can carry around with you every day or leave in your car for traveling or for work I truly believe that everything starts with the right intentions and from there you create it through healthy habits and you live by example by your actions and just by doing that you know you can just create this whole new lifestyle that is going to enrich everything around you and yourself I know that I have a lot to improve but I’m really happy that I’m doing something about it and that I’m moving forward with this so I hope that I can impact and inspire you in some way or the other so let’s go ahead and get started alright so let’s go over the basic items that you can make and keep in your kit we’re gonna start off with this non-toxic a DIY hand sanitizer I’ve been wanting to make this for a while now so finally here’s my chance this is super easy to make you can make a whole bunch of this for you and your family starting with a 4 ounce spray bottle I’m going to fill it up 1/4 of the way with some aloe vera gel this is great for soothing irritations and reduce inflammation and also hydrates your skin now we’re going to fill up the bottle with some witch hazel it’s antimicrobial and also an astringent that helps heal the skin from irritations and other allergy reactions then I’m going to add in about 6 to 10 drops of vitamin E oil which helps soothe skin and also is a natural preservative lastly I’m going to add in about 15 drops of lavender oil to give it a nice a scent make sure to shake up other ingredients well and then you can use it I am such a fan of the spray I actually made an extra bottle to leave in my car for whenever I need to use it now for this next DIY we’re going to make some handkerchief here I have an older organic cotton flannel bedsheet that I’m going to repurpose and cut into rectangular squares alright so this next part is totally up to you but what I’m going to do with the raw edges is fold them about half an inch in and sew them by doing so the edges will look nice and clean and I can use this over many times as reusable napkins without having the raw edges unravel on me this really helps me eliminate using paper towels and it’s been super practical to have around in the house and made a whole bunch of this and after I’m done using them I just wash them and reuse and of course I’m going to include a reusable tumbler for my kit you can of course use any other containers you prefer I love using straws because it’s very similar to ordering a takeout container and I’d love to see what I’m drinking at the moment it just gives me that satisfaction to reduce waste and to also enjoy my day I would take this to my local cafe and ask for them to fill it up with my favorite drink this tumbler holds up to 20 ounces of liquid altogether so I would just pay whatever it’s equivalent to and my cafe don’t mind filling it up at all this next tip is very handy when it comes to going to the farmers market alright so if you have some paper bags I highly recommend for you to include that in your kit make sure that they come in different sizes I love bringing this to the farmers market with me or just going produce shopping because all my produce stays more fresh in paper bags then they do in plastic bags so what I do with this brown paper is I just cut them up into different sized pieces I roll them up and just tie them together with this twine so when I go to the grocery stores or the local farmers market I just buy my produce wrap them in between this and place them in the fridge they will stay fresh longer than in a PLAs the bags my fifth essential item that I like to carry around with me is a foldable reusable shopping bag although I am carrying a tote bag already sometimes I do pick up other things along the way especially when I’m running errands and this help prevents me from just bringing home more plastic bags you can customize your own kit too however way you like whatever is more suitable for your lifestyle you can add a food container depending on you know what you do during the day time or where you’re going so I have a few kits here this is my travel kit and then I have a work kit and then I also sometimes like to switch up my bag to something more edgy you know so it could go with my outfits and that way I can still excited about this lifestyle change instead of filling restrict it to being a certain way I hope today’s video inspires you so that way you can start creating healthy habits for yourself and everything else around you thank you all so much for watching make sure to give this video a thumbs up comment below let me know which one is your favorite item in this kit what would you add what would you not have and I will see you next Thursday love you ciao

How To Roll Sushi Rolls – How To Make Sushi Rolls

In this video Im going to show you howto roll sushi. Rolling Square Sushi or Circular?When it comes to rolling sushi there are two schools of thought, there is a square schoolof thought and a circular school of thought. Now both are great, it doesnt really matter,I mean just whatever you prefer to roll is what you should do. I like to mix and matchbecause then I do one roll one way another roll another way, it adds diversity on theplate, you know? You can make beautiful color floral and you can also have them differentshapes which makes it quite interesting to look at instead of just having the same plainshape. Once youve decided to go circular or squaredthe next option is half a sheet or full sheet.Now a full sheet is easier because most peoplewhen they try to make a sushi roll they will overstuff the roll and then you wont beable to close it. Now by using a full sheet you can use pretty much as much filling asyou want and youll be more or less guaranteed that youll always be able to close it.Half a Nori Sheet Rolling The half a sheet Nori sushi roll is what isnormally made in most sushi restaurants. You simply take a whole sheet of Nori and youjust fold it in half and then just split and you just use half a sheet of Nori, as suggested,so just this. Now, the reason why this is used in most sushirestaurants is because youre using way less Nori to start with and thats savingcosts. Its quite efficient to roll it, its pretty fast, and it produces a nicesquare roll. Now how to do it. Spreading out Sushi Rice on Nori for Inside-OutSushi Rolls What I am doing here is Im spreading out150-grams of cooked sushi rice or 5-ounces of cooked sushi rice over half a sheet ofNori.Now you simply spread it out, nice and softly, dont overdo it, thats fine,it doesnt have to be perfect, you just want to get a nice spread over it. Later whenyou roll the roll it spreads out the rice more evenly than compressed.Cover the Rice over the Entire Sheet of Nori Rolling Sushi FreehandYou just add the avocado, and well it doesnt matter the filling.So Im adding heresome avocado and salmon, and you simply lift up the back, turn it over the filling keepingwith your other fingers here, and then turning it over and pushing it in like so. Then youjust turn it over like so, and now you firm it up with a bamboo rolling mat.What I like to do is turn it on its side then firm it up again and turn it back to the originalposition and firm it up one more time. Turning it gives it a more uniform finish.Rolling an Inside-Out Sushi Roll with a Bamboo Rolling MatYou want to fully cover the sheet of Nori and now you want to flip it over, you wantto place it on top of your bamboo rolling mat with a plastic bag over it.Now you bringit towards the end here, like so, you leave a little bit of space, and you add your filling.In this case some crab sticks and a little bit of cucumber, this is just to show, andnow you begin the rolling. Just bring up the back of the mat, so youroll it forwards, holding in the filling with your fingers, and then you press in this waytowards yourself, applying pressure on the back and firming it up like a square. Thisgives it the square shape, by holding the sushi mat in the square shape.Now you detach,push it forward over to the next phase and just firm up that square piece. Now you dothe same to make sure the roll is completely done and thats it, now you just apply pressurefrom the sides and pressure on the top. You do this with both hands and using the indexfinger to press down and that creates a square roll.Rolling Towards Yourself or Away From Yourself? Now rolling it, you can roll it either awayfrom yourself or towards yourself, I dont really care as long as you just roll it. Nowmost sushi chefs in the restaurants they roll it away from them, keeping the content ofthe roll in with the fingers and rolling it over with the thumb. Okay now when I startedout I used to like rolling it towards me, and controlling the content with my thumbsand rolling it up forward, this way I could have visual contact with the food as yourerolling it and you could see what was going on to correct it.Now the other way you cantyou have to curve over and look down underneath, its not as practical. I would say for beginnersyou probably want to start rolling towards yourself just to get some confidence and thenwhen you can flip it over turn it around and do it the other way, away from yourself.Tips for Rolling Inside-Out Sushi Rolls Now I would say the best method is with theplastic bag around like so, it does get a little bit strange sometimes but if you justleave a little gap in the corner, so dont completely seal it, that allows some air toflow in and out and then you get the compression, or if you could somehow vacuum seal this soyou just completely have no air inside so that the rolling mat is just tight.This is the best method and if your rice still sticks to the plastic what you want to dois just run this under the tap, cold water, and even though there is no water on the plastic,you can see there are microscopic particles between the plastic and whatever you placeon it, so when the rice comes in contact with it, it actually doesnt stick to it.Thekey to make sushi and not having the rice stick to your hands or anything around youis to have just a little bit of water just before you touch the rice. So either cuttingit, rolling it, or touching it with your hands, even just to grab some rice, you want to alwayshave them slightly damp, not wet, but just a little bit moist.Rolling a Maki Sushi Roll Alright the basics of how to roll a simpleMaki roll is you just take your rice, you spread it out, but you leave a little gapabout 3/4 of an inch long which would be about 1.5 centimeters. Just simply spread it outand leave an imaginary line here where no rice comes over.Now you place your filling, in this case a little sliver of tuna in the middle of saidrice, and then you simply bring over now you can do this either by hand or with thehelp of a rolling mat.Now in the case of the rolling mat just simply place it over,bring the backend of the Nori towards the end of the rolling mat and you leave the emptyside away from you. Now you roll it over and you close it so the seaweed paper meets theseaweed paper and there is no rice. Okay, and then you simply roll it over, and thereyou go. This is how you make a simple squared Maki roll.How Should You Roll? I think you just find the style of sushi rollwhich suits you and just have fun doing it. How do you roll sushi?Leave your answers below in the comments section. END.

how to make a mini crossbow with simple steps ( DIY archery) home made toy crossbow

hello everyone…in this video i’m gonna teach you how to make a mini crossbow like this one and to make this you will need a sheet of paper, a plastic stick 8 bbq sticks , electric tape and a binder clip you’re also gonna need two rubber bands first..take three bbq sticks and use electric tape to tape them together .. like this then bring the other five sticks and hold them together using electric tape take the 2 bbq piles and put them across each other’s and tape them this bring the sheet of paper and roll it this way by using a pencil then tape it by electric tape use a small stick to push the pencil out of the paper roll then cut the roll into two pieces , small one and a bigger one take the bigger roll and fold it like this then tape it at the front of the crossbow take the other roll and tape it right above the folded one take the pinder clip and tape it at the back of the crossbow take the two rubber bands and use a small piece of tape to connect them together then fix the rubber bands between the sticks for both sides finally..bring the plastic stick and load the crossbow with it and you are ready to shoot always remember…don’t point this at any one just put a target for yourself , play safe and have fun .

You Can Live Without Producing Trash

– “Laura Ling” average of what is produced by the American citizen Of waste equals 2 kg per day. This amount is equivalent to approximately 725 kg per year. But if we take some simple steps We can get out of this circle and minimize Hundreds of kilograms we produce each year into one jar. [Music] – “Lauren will click” Well this jar junk – “Laura Ling” two years of waste in this little jar! -Yeah. -This is madness. – I think I produced 20 times that per day – True, these are simply all garbage that I could not use as fertilizer Or recycled Or I didn’t know what to do. – Where did you get the idea of becoming a “person without waste”? It’s all started when I was in my final year at New York University as a student of environmental studies. One day, after school, I came home to make dinner I opened the fridge, and saw that everything in it Packaged in plastic. And I felt like a hypocrite We’re supposed to be the one who keeps the planet, And here I produced all this garbage. I think it’s very important to live according to the values you believe in, And my values were that I have Minimal negative impact on the environment. I have to live as well, I wanted to, so I decided To change my lifestyle. – What is the easiest part about reducing your waste? -I think it didn’t require much I had to do only to reduce the waste he produced Using some waste as fertilizer and buying my stuff in jars I reduced 80% of my garbage. Buy products without packaging means You have utensils to buy things That you can’t hold with your hands. For example, if you want to buy olive oil Bring with me a glass jar and fill it I buy beer from a local store And who sells them in reusable drums This is a completely waste-free drinking method. [Music] -I think you’re having a lot of questions about How do you do that. I was curious about several things And I’ll ask you some questions too Plastic toothbrushes? – Use a bamboo toothbrush that turns into compost. -Sponge? – Use a dish brush to turn into compost. – Tissue paper? – Cotton napkins. – Plastic cooking tools? – Wooden or metal utensils. – Cotton balls? – Multi-use cotton circles. – Drying paper? – Drying balls that I make myself. -What about “shampoo”? – Castile soap in a jar. -Makeup? – Organic vegetable makeup packaged in recyclable boxes. -Women’s products? – Menstrual cup. – Gift wrapping papers? -Why? Okay, you will teach me now How to make toothpaste. -Yeah -what should I do? Okay, we’ll mix two tablespoons Of organic coconut oil And hanging from baking soda, and then About 20 drops of organic peppermint oil. – Well, that’s how you make your toothpaste? -Yeah. -Let me see your teeth [Laughter] she looks very beautiful. -Yeah -What’s your dentist’s opinion about this? – He’s not angry at me yet. Okay, just take this spoon and scoop it on the toothbrush. -It’s not bad. It’s kind of salty. – Actually, it’s baking soda. – Actually, I feel like my teeth are clean So, thanks. Well, do you have any garbage containers in your house? -No, I don’t have any garbage containers in my house. -Because you don’t have any waste. -exactly. -It forced me I have to reduce my waste. What advice can you give me, or anyone else Wants to do it as you do? – I will suggest him to look at his garbage container He knows exactly what his waste is, and so you do You will not know what to reduce. Step two, use multi-use bags instead of paper bags Or PVC. Just a simple change every time. And the last step will be Make your own products. Learn how to make toothpaste. Learn how to make a deodorant. It’s fun to do. -What is your ultimate goal? -Before I live my lifestyle I wondered, why is there all this garbage? And why this is normal? We must find solutions before it gets out of hand. I never told anyone that you should follow this lifestyle, Or you should live this way. I kinda just followed a lifestyle I put it to the public, and I saw what was happening. [Music] Be sure to check out the other episode of “Out of Circle” With Mike Pasig and his small 225-square-foot house. – “Mike Pasig” I like to think of it as a return to Fundamentals of Humanity. I like to feel my contact with the earth. – Laura Ling This episode is part of Seker Stores We try to bring you great stories from around the world, In order to do that we would like you to share. Team Translation I translate | @ aurtjim .

Best bamboo pillow 2019 – TOP 10 bamboo pillow in amazon #kingsize #memorypillow #bamboopillow

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How to Buy the Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief

how to buy the best mattress for back pain relief lying on a bed can often make that pain worse but while many mattresses offer back pain relief not all of them can be perfect for you find out which one is best you will need research and a selection of mattresses to test step 1 check the arrangement and the coil counts a higher concentration engage indicate better quality mattress depths alone ranging from 7 to 18 inches may supply enough comfort depending on the severity of back pain step 2 choose a foundation for innerspring mattresses that combines comfort with support a medium firm mattress on a good spring foundation allows the shoulders and hips to rest if to firm thicker top padding will add some softness step 3 look for the right support mattress from a reputable store instead of risking more pain with the cheap alternative tests friends beds first to get an idea of what firmness you like in need remember that firm is a relative term all bed and furniture stores use the term loosely test each mattress yourself to see if it’s firm enough for you step 4 by a visco memory foam mattress which conforms to the body shape to support weight and the contours of the back shop for the density that suits best step 5 use a futon mattress for lower back pain if used on the floor or a wooden frame joint pain could be aggravated so use with caution did you know back pain is the most common medical problem in the u.s.80 percent of Americans experience it at some point in their lives.

The Truth About The My Pillow Commercial Guy

Do you wake up feeling tired in the morning? Are those mornings ruined by phantom headaches,a stiff neck, and “a tingly feeling” in your fingertips? If so, you may have spent one too many sleeplessnights watching MyPillow infomercials. And who can blame you? After all, they’re nearly impossible to avoid,as according to CNBC, MyPillow creator Mike Lindell has spent more than $100 million onthem. But it seems to have paid off, as by 2017,MyPillow was reportedly raking in more than $300 million a year in revenue. But how much do you actually know about Lindell? It may all sound like a crazy fever dreamwhen you learn the amazing truth about the MyPillow commercial guy. He was a crack addict Lindell founded MyPillow in 2004, but it wasnearly derailed by his crack addiction. How bad was it? He told Bloomberg that in 2008, his dealeractually staged an intervention. “The one guy says, ‘Mike’s been up for fourteendays.’ He said, ‘We’re shuttin’ you off.You’re not getting anything.'” Lindell said he eventually cleaned up hisact on January 16th, 2009, when he reportedly quit all substances after one last blowout. He told CNBC, “And I said, ‘You know, God, I’m gonna wakeup in the morning and never have the desire again for this.'” It worked. Amazing what a good night’s sleep can do foryou! Dream come true Fittingly enough, Lindell claims the ideafor MyPillow came to him in a dream. He told CNBC, “I mean, I got up in the middle of the night,it was about two in the morning, and I had ‘MyPillow’ wrote everywhere in the kitchenand all over the house.” In a moment he vividly reenacted in a MyPillowcommercial, Lindell claims one of his daughters entered the kitchen that night and found herfather working.He told her. “I’ve got this idea for this pillow. It’s gonna be called MyPillow!” All his daughter apparently said was: “That’sreally random,” and turned and headed back downstairs. Sounds like a well-adjusted child. If we ever walked into the kitchen to findour father scrawling “MyPillow” all over everything, we would scream. He thinks MyPillow was an act of God After dropping out of college back in 1979,and being fired from a job at a supermarket, Lindell struggled for decades, trying everythingfrom raising pigs to becoming a professional gambler. So it’s no wonder he credits God with boththe initial idea, and for the massive success of MyPillow. He told CNBC, “I look back now and go, ‘The only way wewere able to do that was divine intervention.'” Lindell has tried to pay things back in numerousway, including staging the world’s largest pillow fight at an evangelistic meeting inMinnesota.”Keep swinging at everybody! Keep swinging it! Woo! Say, ‘Jesus!'” And he also co-founded LIGHTBEAMedia, a Christianproduction company that offers cinematic fare such as Heaven, How I Got Here: A Night withthe Thief on the Cross, which stars Stephen Baldwin as a thief who dies on a crucifixseveral feet away from Jesus Christ. “I did it and it felt good. When a thief gets sloppy, a thief gets caught.” “Lord, make these pillows that people takehome their prayer pillow.” Bad boss? Back in 2014, an anonymous source posted anaudio clip on YouTube that allegedly featured Lindell ranting and dropping the f-bomb onseveral of his employees after an order of 150,000 pillows got botched. Lindell reportedly berated one employee, screaming “Don’t shake your f—ing head!” Lindell’s lawyers had the audio scrubbed fromthe internet, and Lindell told the Star Tribune he suspected “two former employees and relatives”with a grudge leaked the audio.Some speculate he may have been referringto relatives of his ex-wife, Dallas Yocum, who Lindell says sent him packing with thewords, “I don’t love you. I never loved you. You’re boring.” “Shipping department!!” Deceptive ads My Pillow is famous for its comfort guarantee: “My Pillow, guaranteed the most comfortablepillow you’ll ever own or your money back.” What you’ll no longer see in their advertising,though, are claims that the pillow will have a positive influence on your health, riddingyou of insomnia, restless leg syndrome, migraines, snoring, sleep apnea, and fibromyalgia.That’s because MyPillow paid a $1 millionsettlement in a lawsuit brought by the state of California alleging “deceptive advertisingpractices” for making claims they “should have known [] were untrue or misleading.” “They don’t care! They don’t care!” “They don’t give a rat’s ass!” Meanwhile, Truth in Advertising ExecutiveDirector Bonnie Patten sounds pretty certain Lindell did plenty wrong: “MyPillow was deceiving consumers into buyingthese expensive pillows thinking that it was going to help their health conditions whenhe [Mike Lindell] had no science to back up these claims.” That wasn’t the only problem with their adseither. In January, 2017, MyPillow’s “A+” rating fromthe Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota dropped to an “F.” The issuethis time? An ongoing “buy one get one free” promotionwhere you didn’t actually get anything free.”The Bureau’s Barb Greeman says a pricingdeal with no time limit is really just the product’s regular price.” “There was one other thing, too. If you look at Walmart, if you look at Target,if you look at Amazon, you can get a MyPillow for fifty bucks.” “Right.” “If you go to their website, it’s eighty-nine.” For his part, Lindell denies there’s anythingshady about his shady practices, and claims he’s being persecuted because of his relationshipwith Donald Trump. Speaking of which Trump says Lindell makes a ‘great’ pillow As the expression goes, Mike Lindell and DonaldTrump are as thick as thieves. According to Lindell’s website, the two firstmet in 2016, with Lindell telling Trump that he was a “divine appointment.” Since then, Trump has publically shilled forMyPillow in his political speeches. “First of all he does make a great product,great pillows.I actually use them, believe it or not.” Believe it or not..

Douglas Mattress Review – Is This the Canadian Bed for You?

[music] Logan Block: Hi. It’s Logan from Today, I’m going to be taking a look at theDouglas Mattress from Novosbed. It’s a Canadian company, and the Douglas is100 percent designed, constructed, and shipped in Canada. I’m going to put the mattress through a fewtests and give some general recommendations at the end of the review. If you are interested in a personal recommendation,please feel free to leave a note in the comment section below with some information aboutyourself and some of your sleep preferences. I’ll be sure to get back to you. I’m going to start the review with the constructionportion. We’re going to begin that with the cover whichis made with a Tencel blend. Tencel is an ecofriendly material which ismade from eucalyptus trees. It’s really soft and actually does a goodjob of wicking away moisture, which is going to help with cooling during the night.Now, I also want to make a note that the coveris removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. Let’s take a look underneath the cover atthe layers of the mattress. The Douglass mattress is an all-foam constructionmade of three different layers. It’s standing 10 inches in height. The top layer, or the comfort layer, is twoinches of gel memory foam. It’s soft, so it’s going to allow you to sinkin for pressure relief. Like memory foam, it has this slow responseto pressure. It’s going to provide that contouring feelingyou might expect out of a classic memory foam. Memory foam, at times, can be known for trappinga bit of body heat causing you to overheat while you sleep. The gel infusion in this layer is actuallygoing to help to dissipate the body heat, draw it away from the sleeper, to help yousleep a bit cooler. The layer below that is two inches of Springtexfoam, or Energex foam. It also is pretty soft, so it’s going to allowyou to sink in for pressure relief as well.However, this has a bit of a quicker responseto pressure which is going to help you to fend against a stuck feeling in the mattress. I should also note that Springtex, or Energexfoam, it’s a bit latex-like, so it also has some good temperature regulation and coolingproperties. It acts as a bit of a transition from thesofter contouring of the gel memory foam going through the mattress to the base of the mattresshere, which is six inches of poly foam. It’s a bit firmer. Has a quick response to pressure. This layer acts as the foundation of the Douglas,providing support to the layers of foam above it as well as some deep compression supportto the sleeper on top of the mattress.[silence] Now that we’ve seen what makes up the Douglassmattress, it’s time to get an idea for the feel and firmness of it. I’ll going to start by pressing into the cover. The first thing I feel is that soft gel memoryfoam comfort layer contouring to my hand. Add a little bit more pressure. I start to interact with the transition layerbelow that, which is also pretty soft so I’m able to sink pretty far into the mattress. I’m going to lie down on my back. On my back even with my weight pretty evenlydistributed, I do feel like I’m sinking into the mattress a little bit. I can feel it kind of contour around my bodyand fill in the space beneath my lower back. As I change positions because of that slowerresponse to pressure from the gel memory foam, I can feel like I’m a little bit sunken intothe mattress.Now I’m on my side here. Side sleepers want to be extra conscious ofpressure forming because of that increased weight concentration over a lower surfacearea. It pushes you further into the mattress, andyou tend to interact with more of the support layers of the mattress. Because of that, side sleepers do tend tolike softer mattresses as they allow them to sink further in for pressure relief. A lot of side sleepers do complain about pressurepoints forming at the shoulders and the hips, which can cause aches and pains. We are going to take a closer look at pressurelater on in the review. However, I did just want to point out nowthat I do feel like this mattress is a little bit on the softer side of a medium firmness,so I don’t really feel any pressure forming while lying in this position.I’m going to roll onto my stomach. Stomach sleepers, the opposite of side sleepers,tend to prefer firmer mattresses as they do a good job of keeping their hips from sinkingin, keeping their spines in a good position. As I mentioned before, I do feel like thismattress is a little bit on the softer side of a medium firmness. I do feel my hips sinking in a little bit,but everyone can feel firmness a little bit differently because of different sizes andweight distribution.For reference, I’m about 5’10, 190 pounds. If you would like a wider variety of opinionson the firmness of the Douglas and a little bit more detailed description on the feelof it, you can check out the written review at Instead of just describing the feel of theDouglas to you, I’m going to give you a visual representation of where pressure points mightform while lying on the mattress. To do that, I’ve laid this pressure map downon top of the mattress. I’m going to lie down on it. You’ll see the results next to me, rangingfrom blue for low pressure to red for high pressure. I’m going to start on my back. Roll onto my side. Try a few positions here on my side. Finally, on my stomach. Just to give you a better idea of the bounceon the Douglas, I have this 10-pound steel ball. I’m dropping it here. As you can see, it’s not too bouncy. This is pretty low response in terms of bouncinesson a mattress. While we’re here, we’re also going to runa quick motion transfer test.Basically, I have a seismometer set up onone side of the bed. Where someone might be sleeping on the otherside, I’m going to drop the same 10-pound steel ball from heights of 4, 8, and 12 inchesto simulate someone rolling around in the middle of the night on the other side of thebed. The disturbance that’s transferred acrossthe mattress is measured by the seismometer. You’re going to see the results on screennow. In my opinion, these are impressive resultsin terms of disturbance transferred and what you might feel if someone’s moving aroundon the other side of the mattress. The memory foam does a good job of mufflingor dulling the disturbance transferred across the bed. Now, a lot of people buying a mattress aregoing to want to know if they’re going to feel like they’re sitting on top of or sinkinginto the mattress. To test this, we have our sinkage test inwhich we use four balls of varying sizes, weights, and densities to simulate differentbody parts and check to see how far into the mattress they sink. We have our 6-pound medicine ball. It’s filled with sand.It simulates a lighter body part. 10-pound steel ball, it’s the densest ballwe use during this test. 50-pound medicine ball, it’s also filled withsand and simulates kind of a heavier portion of your body. Finally, we have this 100-pound medicine ball. If you’re a bit bigger, it stimulates thecenter of your body. In terms of sinkage, we have an inch and ahalf for the 6-pound medicine ball, two and a half inches for the steel ball, four anda half inches for the 50-pound ball, and just over six inches for the 100-pound medicineball. When I’m comparing these to other mattresses,these are a bit above average in terms of results. You are going to feel like you’re sinkinginto the mattress a little bit with that contouring feeling from the memory foam.I definitely didn’t have any stuck feelingin the mattress. I’m able to change positions. However, you’re definitely going to feel likeyou’re sinking into the Douglas a bit. If you plan on sharing your bed with a partnerand you need to use the entire surface area of the mattress, edge support is somethingyou’re going to want to take a look at. A mattress with a strong edge support is goingto allow you to sleep all the way to the side and make the bed feel a little bit bigger. Now, when I’m lying near the side of the Douglas,over here there’s an even feel from the center of the mattress. That’s nice.Let’s get really close to the edge of themattress here. You can see some of the contouring from thatgel memory foam pushing through those softer layers of foam, which is to be expected, butthe lower foam, the high-density poly foam base, is holding up. I’m going to roll onto my side here, evenhang off the mattress again. Again, you see me push through those softerfoams, which is to be expected. You can see it contouring to my body, howthat works a bit. Now I’m going to sit up on the side of themattress here.Think putting your shoes on in the morningor getting into bed at night. It does a good job of showing what an increasedweight concentration will do to the side portion of the bed. As you can see, I’m pushing right throughthe softer foams on top, again to be expected from softer foams, but the high-density polyfoam base is holding up. Overall, pretty good edge support from theDouglas. Just to give you some basic information aboutthe Douglas mattress, there’s a 120-day trial period, a 15-year warranty, and shipping isfree. It’ll arrive compressed in a box. Now, who do I recommend this mattress to? Is Canadian shoppers. As I mentioned before, the Douglas is 100percent designed, manufactured, and shipped in Canada, which means there’s some savingsthat they can pass on to Canadian shoppers. I’d also recommend the Douglas as a valuepurchase. It’s a quality mattress with good materialsthat comes in at a reasonable price. Finally, I would recommend this mattress forthose looking for a softer foam feel, someone like a side sleeper. The two inches of gel memory foam on top aswell as the soft transition layer allow you to sink in a bit for pressure relief.Those are some general recommendations, ifyou do want some examples of sleepers who I think might be a good fit here. Let’s say you’re 220 pounds — I’m sorry,I don’t have the metric conversion – you’re a stomach sleeper, I don’t know that I wouldrecommend the Douglas to you as I think your hips might sink in a little bit and throwyour back out of line. If you’re 150 pounds, you’re a side sleeper,I think the Douglas would be a good choice for you as you will be able to sink in forpressure relief.Now, those are some pretty specific examples. If you are looking for a personal recommendationor you have any questions that I didn’t cover during the review, please feel free to leavea note in the comment section below with some information about yourself and some of yoursleep preferences. I’ll be sure to get back to you. Also, if your mattress buying search has justbegun, please Google Sleepopolis and Mattress Buying Guide. It’s going to have a lot of information aboutmattresses, different materials used. It’s going to help you on your search. Finally, please subscribe to the SleepopolisYouTube channel as we’re going to keep putting out more content that’s going to help youget a better night’s sleep. That’s it for the review today. I hope it was helpful. Have a nice day. [music].

Concierge CoolPlus 4pc 400 Thread Count Rayon from Bambo…

Ok exactly you realize i’m constantly doing that good I speakme of cooking I at all times suppose like my bones are melting I get so heat within the mattress i have the perfect segue this is genuinely a suggestion in sheets that is quite getting various buzz correct now we’re sure and should you’ve shot with concierge collection before we convey sheets for every person you do but what we have now no longer had and we’ve got had so many requests for is bamboo yes i do know so number one these are rayon from bamboo but they’re additionally right once we love bamboo precisely why we adore surely GU spray so kooky cool locks I mean these are four hundred already closed however hear what we did to make it even higher so we took the ramp from bamboo fifty five% and we blended it with a cooling fiber oh no this is a fiber that has little micro slits in it in order that it is breathable and it pulls and wicks moisture away out of your physique so these sheets are going to maintain you two to three degrees cooler okay they are gonna dry and and breathe twice as much cotton but they appear and think they may be watching for like silk no I mean so let’s do colors and see I mean you’ll discover the colours I must factor out the sheets that you’re looking at on the mattress that lovely drape those have not been laundered exactly howdy exactly if they are floating like that and are that like liquidy it is like liquid silky to your body and i’ve laundered mine and the wonder in these two is they are wrinkle fade and showcase they rather don’t even seem wrinkled this fee is like a Holy Smoke second I imply come on $49.95 five pay flex pay weekend less than $10 get him home and sleep on them yeah k this is mind blowing exhibit you the retail price I good now this is this is what’s exciting about us in our retail rate now we are saying the retail is 130 bucks now i am gonna argue with that a bit bit due to the fact to start with bamboo sheets are hard to seek out while you in finding them they may be customarily sold ala carte okay sure and they’re no longer achieved in trend colours you know pay extra via measurement and sure you accomplish that should you do king-size we do not free up the price if you do smooth we do not carry the cost I imply so shop to your coronary heart’s content material here and look at the color they are stunning i am simply going to inform you you’ll be able to see this on the mattress or our subsequent bed it is a wonderful colour then we’ve got purple ash so what’s beautiful about that is it’s just a trace of pink oh yeah isn’t it really beautiful it can be like a wash the Aqua could be very brilliant and rich and on all of those you can see the luster here is that blue that we have on the bed the sage inexperienced ok after which seem at our neutrals these neutrals ok so all people that is dressed our beds in these days is bought a suite of all my garments and rub all over the place these sheets this is the taupe it can be like a champagne taupe appear at it it’s beautiful if there have been ever instances they don’t fertility be bare it is these sneakers yes after which there’s the white these sheets are effective and our crew are our shopping staff that has you know that that particularly builds concierge we’re an unique little one here at HSN bet what they’re all dozing on nailed it I imply they hit this out of the park I imply most likely I did you you see me work with Ellen earlier than when’s the final time you saw me it’s like simply i am having a freak out of Valene mom i’m like Alli are you able to show you wish to have to consider these sheets you gotta see your face coming no i am severe that is Ali she’s here to do their do my touch-up she did my hair night time yeah it’s you realize it’s invoice Duggan you wish to have to contact my sheets [Music] look at that Meany seem at me look at this sheet and they are [Music] they believe they may be much more attractive and here’s the article about these sheets is these were designed to breathe these have been designed to wick moisture and warmness so if you’re a hot sleeper you sleep on a memory foam mattress it heats you up you sleep with a sizzling sleeper the wonder in these sheets is when you climb into mattress as a substitute of getting under your sheets and having that heat construct up so that you to perspire considering that the sheets do not breathe these sheets will surely now not best be more breathable considering the bamboos porous and that cooling fiber cool Plus which which you can seem that up it’s used in a number of lively put on cool plus is sincerely porous in order that it is pulling and wicking the heat and moisture and here is what I wish to equate it to on account that scheana there may be numerous sheet snobs in the market and there’s nothing you recognize i’m one in every of them that’s and you are one in every of them and numerous folks you understand will best do cotton or natural fibers but i am here to inform you these are twice as breathable moisture wicking is cut i will inform correct now the truth is well i’m gonna get multiples and i am if here’s what i’ll let you know about that each time we do whatever like this this type of opportunistic buys when they’re long past they may be long past they are long gone and now we have we achieved BAM boom by no means I’ve never completed them with you love a few times and the object is bamboo it is the sort of giant buzzword in the the linen category right now folks speak about it in towels and throws you know science for lots of reasons we wish it in our houses you are gonna need this onto your physique you are gonna once I say that is gonna invoice Duggan I can’t suppose you in play this this that is sleep naked night time given that it appears like that you already know so yeah it feels like I desire my dermis felt oh my gosh it is extremely good these sheets believe so amazing and also you know it’s funny on account that while you while you get them dwelling and you get them out of the bundle it’s instantaneous you can inform the difference and i need to disgust you the load and the burden is for the reason that we’ve got the blend of the two fibers it’s a 400 thread count Serta luxurious level the way that they puddle and drape on the bed and i will let you know whilst you launder these couple matters i would baby these a little bit bit one smooth k are attempting them on low and no material softener and it cuts down on that breathability of those sheets and so you need you wish to have to maintain these these are attractive and they suppose effective and you know if you wait warm even within the wintry weather time we flip the warmth we pour on the blankets yeah and should you turn out to be perspiring that wakes you want seeing that then you’re bloodless so what this does is it rather wicks and pulls that warmness and moisture you realize I wish to equate it to you don’t workout in a cotton t-shirt right correct right given that you would be extra dripping with perspiration so that is like these these fibers that I put on stiff wear that pull the warmth in and perspiration i will show that rose since of probably the most fashionable so the grey going the Rose is what you see this mattress there it’s Zero’s and the taupe i do know the object is we have got your colours if you’re calling tonight this used to be on previous tonight and that particular exhibit that i know you did with Adam with Tina and Wow Wow Wow I believe probably the most explanations this is going to promote out rapid than we predicted is when you see these properties yeah most individuals are getting multiple night time these are okay these were one entry we’re introducing these and the rate is phenomenal i will inform you now you and these are brand-new the price can be going away these sheets shall be going away and after we do a precise choice sheet set like this we don’t go back to the good we do not return these so this has my identify written in every single place it no longer handiest on the grounds that of these first-rate cooling houses but bamboo has plenty of houses that you are more often than not aware of yeah you know i will leave it at that beyond the truth that they suppose like liquid silk towards your dermis yes they particularly are an strong suppose and you know to get it to be in a position to get him home for so cheaply and particularly simply sleep on them and check out them don’t really experiment these out i hope although you’ve got certainly not tried concierge collection telling you I relatively hope that you can you’ll be able to branch out and check out these sheets they have got a exceptional deep pocket so perhaps you are watching at new mattress this mattress weekend ahead if you realize you are sizing it grasp a suite of those these have an 18 inch accommodation elastic all the manner round k I badgered him in ample he is feeling that sheets i know touching my sheets mom feels touching my sheets very high-quality i know i do know you’re not gonna rip off your garments and sleep naked are ya not on this show see don’t you wish to have to get these at house simply to feel the sheets darn it thank you invoice see I was once so disillusioned in something for a moment cuz most likely i can cope if i can coerce anybody into bad behavior I promise you it is bill Duggan I particularly am it on account that and in the event you’ve noticeable sure i am just a little excited of all I did that that phase is oh you know we’re so humorous on the moment you touch them i know and i get so many requests at all times for each of the blend that we have now created here for bamboo a variety of you love bamboo it’s costly it’s difficult to seek out however it is that silky luxe feathery tender feeling in opposition to your dermis and we did it in a sateen so it has that glossiness but then also i all the time people inform me they sleep hot oh yeah they you realize the place i’m at that certain age the place instantly I sleep hot you realize well you are you’re high-quality one minute and you’re burnt absolutely and it can be so humorous pleasant sheet for that my income supervisor Chris Chappell he is simplest identified me for over 20 years i love okay i do know when that girl is losing her mind over some thing I mean he bought 4 units okay so that is why these will promote each apartment every producer and our crew members have all these sheets today and that’s in view that we enable you to do so many pleasant you and but this is one-of-a-kind this is a set that we’ve never finished something that particularly brings collectively two houses so good two residences that one usual one man way that do the same factor okay i will guarantee you my mother goes to have historical Texas i do know she’s gonna want me to order a couple of these these I mean these are going k these are going and you understand the color palette so be proper so take us on a tour yeah on the grounds that they may be relatively every single one with that glossiness so this is that red ash gray it is a attractive crimson the Aqua is particularly particularly saturated one can find how lovely that’s that is that blue and i’m not more commonly one for colour however yeah considering blue on the bed stunning proper the golf green is a sage inexperienced then we’ve got the dusty rose on the bed the taupe I imply if you’re a impartial man or woman that is among the prettiest neutrals now we have ever executed this grey I keep calling it silver yeah the mattress at the holiday you recognize there is your white and these are relatively beautiful there relatively a crisp easy white so it can be one of those that i might undoubtedly suggest more than one i’d rotate them which can be in your she i will let you know for a reality ok one errant they may be virtually 4,000 are these already long past and every single employee who has had the potential to you know contact these is buying them if my enthusiasm and pleasure stage is somewhat distracting I make an apology however i’ve been right here for 23 good going on 24 years i have I’ve offered various sheets i have not ever ever ever bought a pair of sheets that has made me this excited from the first contact and that’s earlier than they are laundered so i would do it i might grab it i might go for it if if you are gonna take you recognize all of our suggestions we’re all getting multiple set i will let you know that for a fact right now I see now i am so i’m seeking to come to a decision i am frequently going to the Rose i’m gonna do that pink ash I feel i’m gonna do the blue yeah the blue is relatively rather competent and remember you could combine your neutrals plenty of you’re grabbing more than one neutrals the the grey and the hope that you would be able to combine warm and cool collectively and throw some white with some thing and it appears amazing and within the colors these colors are gorgeous I mean every single one of them and that i need to remind you to those sheets although they are cooling proper so they’ve obtained that cooling fats fiber what that cooling fiber it has those porous some best slits in it so that it breathes it wicks moisture but while it’s acquired pockets in there with a purpose to insulate you in the wintry weather proper so it can be no longer only a sheet for the summer time what’s it reads your physique wrinkle you run scorching yr-circular sure these are gonna be your temporary sheets but i’m simply so completely happy considering these fit the invoice for so lots of you in the market and that i consider that is simply launched at present I launched it with Callie this morning and is for Serena let me just inform you with with over 4000 gone these are going they are going so the grey the Rose I think you said Allison and the dusty rose are they are flying on these correct here these two i know that’s pretty satisfactory it can be beautiful with the gray as well dusty rose would be the very first to head and so if that’s for your desire list like mine after which look at this i know you have been looking at this red ash with with the gray and the white oh my gosh it is an awfully slight colour isn’t that so pleasant that is fairly precise hi there take into account it’s a five pay flex pay weekend so it’s not up to $10 to get home i’m boy if that you can if you’ve watched me at all if you have not I ask for forgiveness for my conduct oh my gosh considering that I noticed one previous but it’s not unless you touch them that you simply comprehend just how distinctive they were so enthusiastic about these I obtained these dwelling I was once placing them on all my loved ones I would like you that excellent yes well Ellen they knocked it out of the park you just terrific job as continually gone again later this weekend might be the following day i am play somebody they are going to be on Monday okay wonderful so do not wait get your colour yeah yeah and it’s a night factor thanks so much good to peer you obviously all right well we’re arising at nighttime I secret agent out of the corner of my eye Julie trusters in the apartment she’s getting in a position for what do you know practically eight hundred of those are already pre-ordered on our low i’ll virtually be doing Julie’s last airing of this today’s unique fingers crossed if there are any remaining arising the following day night but meanwhile we’re gonna proceed definitely that you would be able to store now for that Arlo if you want and that i acquired to let you know i am a super fan of Arlo it not only has a large perspective of view however i am telling you when I because a man simply without a doubt got that this is my first shift back after trip I didn’t even sweat being long gone when you consider that I had my Arlo and it was once just about like I was you know you believe like an individual’s preserving a watch on your condo an individual’s preserving an eye for your property for you so Julia’s gonna be coming up at 12:00 nighttime however you’re welcome to preorder now when he is no longer touching my sheets he is obtained a shelf yep see invoice Duggan’s up subsequent involved about one much less factor