Eric just quit Vat19.

– Welcome to Awesome Time! This is the show where I tell you about all the new stuff happening at Vat19. And we’ve got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven new products. Look, Eric, I counted to seven again. – I did it! We got a Golden Gummy Challenge. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) Welcome to Episode 155,we’re just gonna get going. Guys, I got good news, butI’m terrified about it. We have a sponsor for this episode. – [Man] Woo!I know, I know. This is Sponsorshipsand Outstanding Reviews and Recommendations, yeah. The sponsor is Wix, and Wix is fantastic. That’s not why I’m terrified. With Wix, you can create aprofessional website by yourself. I know this is true because I’m a professionalwebsite builder.I built from scratch and I got a Bachelor’s ofScience in Computer Science. I know how to program the computers and do the coding, and all that stuff. I also know this is truebecause I’ve used it. I’ve been using Wix to build a website for the World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar. This is a product from Vat19 and it’s the spiciest barof chocolate in the world. And I wanna build awebsite to showcase it, collect all the videos thatpeople out there have made trying to do this challenge.And I wanna tell you a bitmore about my experience and Wix while eating someof this chocolate bar. It’s crazy, and that’s why I’m terrified. Oh, this is a bad idea. Oh, man. It’s so spicy, okay. Right off the bat, Wix is free. No coding necessary, whatsoever. Everything’s drag or drop. There’s all these templates, so no matter what kind ofbusiness, personal blog, whatever you’re trying tobuild you can do it with Wix. Those are spice hiccups. Photos, you don’t need toknow Photoshop to put photos (hiccups)onto your website. Not at all. Video gallery, easy, just bring videos in. You can customize everything, if you want. (exhales loudly)I’m a little scared because if this whole Vat19thing doesn’t work out website design was gonnabe my fallback career.You don’t need people like me anymore, you can do it with Wix. It’s really easy to use. It really is. If you’ve ever wanted to build a website you can do it on your own. Visit Go check it out. All right. I’m gonna go calm down and we can get this episode started again. (beeping) I got a shoutout for you guys. We don’t do this very often but this video is extremely cool and Iwanna share it with you guys. It’s from Hevesh5. She does Domino stuff andshe did this amazing thing with all these Vat19 products and so check it out if you get a chance.So this episode’s topic is all about cool, interesting, unique desktop gifts. I got seven cool ones and we’re gonna find outwhich one is Eric’s favorite. Come on in here, Eric, let’s do this. – Hey, oh! Hey, oh! Daylight come on. And here come’s Eric. – You ready?- I’m ready. – This first one is pretty awesome. This one could ridethrough the whole thing. – Woohoo, the next dirt soda? – It’s that fidgety. – Okay, I’m ready. – This is the Crunchy Snowball. – Okay.- It’s a stress ball, right? But it’s got, like, snowinside of it and you can, (crunching)crunch it. – Oh, that looks fun to my eyes. I like it, it’s a rubbery, crunchy noise. I wanna do it just watching you.Ooh, yeah, that is nice. – It’s like the sound of your boots like crunching down the snow. I’m getting kind of jealous that you’re like hogging it. (laughing)- You’re just like, all right when’s my turn, Eric? (grunting)(laughing) – Your hands are hotand kinda, kinda sweaty. – Oh yeah, oh that’s me, yeah. That’s just, I’m always on. I run hot! I mean, right now it’s in the lead. – Yeah, that one’s definitely winning.All right, I’m bringing thenext thing and we’ll see. I don’t know if it’s,like, crunch ball worthy. – All right, wait hey! Don’t poo it.- Here we go. This is Spicy Cinnamon Taffy. And it’s not like challenge food spice, I know you can’t handleintense amounts of spice. – I don’t like spice. – You might be thinking to yourself, like, candy, is that really desktop? – Make it desktop. – This, right, is theplastic bag glass bowl. Right, it looks like a Ziploc bag. This is available at Vat19. (glass clinking)It’s made out of glass. – That’s nice. – Smell it, waft it. – Oh, yeah. – Yeah.- Yeah. – Yeah.- It’s nice. – I’m gonna have one too ’cause why not?- That’s fair.I guess it’s a desk I canshare with my coworkers. – This one takes, like, aminute to fully ramp up. – The more you chew. – I love that cinnamon flavor so much. It’s a good amount of it. – I say it’s got a little bitmore of a kick than Big Red. – Yeah. – Not too much more, but a little bit. – Big important question here, which one are you keeping on your desk? – I feel like you know the answer, Jamie. – Are you keeping this? I mean this is good. – Here’s a fun fact. (laughs) Jamie, at one time, coinedmy nickname to be Trashcan because I would eat everything. – Yeah. – Around the studio.- Yeah. – So I think you know— You have an appetite. – Which way I’m gonna lean. – Oh, I’m a little surprised but not. – I love my sweets! – Yeah, you are justall about your stomach. Gonna get you something else to try out. I got something prettyunique for your desk here.- Okay. – The Screaming Goat. – Okay. – Okay, I feel like this isalready off to a bad start but this thing’s pretty cool, okay? You’ve got this goat figurine in here. Let me just bust that out. Look at that folks, right? He’s on, like, a tree stump there. You get a 32-page leafletfilled with goat facts. – I need to know my goat facts. – To also have on your desk there. Let’s give an example of one. Well, this is actuallya quiz question. (dings) Why do goats scream? Is it A they’re hungry,B they miss their mom, C they’re in distress, or D all of the above. – I assume distress butmaybe all of the above. – It’s actually all of the above. (dings) – They’re just hungry and they scream? – I guess so. If you press him, here we go. (goat screaming) – Is that real? – That’s what goats actually sound like. – That’s nuts. I mean it’s fun, it’s unique, it’s quirky, it’s quirky.I like it. – But do you like it morethan the spicy taffy? – No. The taffy’s gonna be tough to dethrone. – Okay, this one is going totickle your brain bone, okay? – Ugh. – This is the Bioluminescent – Pass!- Mug. – Hard pass. It’s just a black mug! – I gotta show you what it does, Eric. – Okay. – It’s a heat change mugand it’s filled with fish and other sea creaturesthat live way down deep in the ocean that light up.- I dig it. – You gotta put somepretty hot water in it. – The suspense is killing me. Oh, wait. There’s something happening over here. – Can you see it changing? I love heat change mugs. I think they’re so much fun, so cool. And it’s got a wholebunch of different, like, deep sea creatures. Jelly fish.- All the creatures have emerged. – Right, the angler fish. You drink coffee and whatnot? – I do, I do. If we pretend like there’s coffee in here, I’m taking the mug. – But this isn’t a make believe show, it’s actually happening. Kara’s right there, we’re recording. So you have to make a decision if it’s this one or this one. – If I’m being totally honest, I don’t wanna mug full of water. – Oh, for the rest of theshow that’s your problem? So you’re sticking with the spicy taffy? – I guess so since you’re playingit real, we can’t pretend. – I’m gonna get another product.- Okay. – I don’t think the taffystands a chance against this. – Okay. – This is Desktop Curling. – Oh, playing on my love of the Olympics. – Yeah. Playing up your love of not working. – That’s true. I love me some not working. – And you can just putthis on your desk and play. – Give it a test curl. (object rolling) Decent, decent.- Yeah you’re right, I love not working. I love desk games. I’m going with the Desktop Curling. – Well, I’m glad you chose this one because it’s also this episode’sGolden Gummy Challenge. – [Announcer] Competitor’s ready for the Golden Gummy Challenge. (upbeat music) – It’s been a while. We’re gonna stop withthe gifts for a minute. – Alright.- And get our game on. (object rolling) – Ah.- Oh. (object rolling) – [Both] Oh. (object rolling) – Oh.- Ah. Do we know how to score this? – No, we have a guidehere, we’ll figure it out. (object rolling) – Wait, we’re just doing one round? – Yeah, I think so since I’mdoing pretty good on this one. (laughing) (object rolling) Oh shoot.- So this is it? I gotta bump that out and maybe, depending on what the rules are. – I don’t know what the rules are so I don’t know if anybody’s winning. – Dang it. (object rolling) – [Both] Oh! – I think he won becauseof that or something. – I don’t even think we needto go to the score thing. I got one in the red there so Gimme that Golden Gummy!(crowd cheering) – [Crowd] Jamie, Jamie,Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. – Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh. – This is, I guess we’restill doing punishments. – Yep, new format, same game. – Pucker up, loser eatsa super sour treat. I have a feeling I knowwhat this is about. – Oh, what did she make for you? So you got the Pucker Packs, Smog Balls, and Xtreme Sour Pop Rocks. You gonna take that all at once? – I can already, like, feel my mouth starting to, like, ugh. – I’m gonna film you from right here. – Why? There’s a camera right there. – Yeah, but see this isfrom my point of view. So I can remember yourlast Golden Gummy loss.(fizzing) – Oh, it’s loud.- Crunchy. – Let me see in there. (fizzing) – It’s hard to swallow. (laughing) – You are greasy from this angle. Does he look greasy from that angle? You’re greasy. – Oh, ah, whoa, okay. Alright, is this the last one? – Close, I think nostalgia is gonna take down Desktop Curling, okay? This is The World’s Smallest Lite Brite. There it is, lit up. Showing it to the camera. – Beautiful.- Yeah. All of these pins hereare stored in the back. Pretty cute and compact. All sorts of designs. Butterflies, hearts, cars, whatever. So that’s the World’s Smallest Lite Brite. – I dig it, hmm. I’m not a super artsy or crafty person. – Okay. – I’m going with Desktop Curling. – This is the last one.Like, this is, like,as desk as you can get. Hundred percent desk. – I feel like thesarcasm is being laid on. – This is not shameless merch plug. Okay, this is the new Vat19 hat. – Oh. – That’s mine, you can’t have it. – But I can wear it, get my grease on it. Does this have to be on thedesk for it to be a desk thing? – I don’t know, this wasjust a shameless merch plug. They’re available now on the website. – Yeah, so I’m thinking because it’s yours and you’re wearing it and it doesn’t belong on a desk really I’m gonna keep my Desktop Curling.I think that’s a big winner here. – So, you need to explainthe title to this video. (sighs) – This is my last Awesome Time. (laughing) I really wanted to do likea joke for this, like, I wanted to make this, like, a funny joke. – Yeah but no one would believe us. They’d think it was like Crying Wolf. – Right, yeah. We kind of already didthat, where I pretended like I was leaving andstarted my own channel. Yeah, I seriously got anew gig so I’m leaving. But I really appreciate my time here and I’ve loved every single second of this and it’s been an amazing experience. And I’m gonna miss it, I’mgonna miss everything about it.Who knows? Maybe I’ll pop in in like five years and see what’s going on.(laughing) – We’ll see, call first. Eric really is leaving. It’s true. I’m gonna miss Eric a lot. He made a lot of awesomecontributions to our videos. (beeping standby tone)(upbeat music) – Just like hand shots. – Yeah. – Oh no. Is it plugged in? – I did.I know, there’s no way. Are you sure? We got, like, the screaming goat part. – You are fired. Get out. (laughing) On your last Awesome Time you forget to plug in the audio? It’s unbelievable. – I gotcha!(claps) – Wait, you did that on purpose? (laughing loudly) – That’s how I’m going out, baby. One of my very first AwesomeTime’s I forgot the audio.And I knew I would get you again. I knew you’d buy it. – Oh. – Gonna miss that? – Yeah. Gonna miss that. I don’t want this to getall sad but I’ll miss you. – I’m gonna miss this. I’m gonna miss you, Jamie.- I’m gonna miss it. – I love everything about this place and it’s been, probably, themost fun six years working at a job I’ve ever had, so– – The other places werekinda weak, weren’t they before here?(laughing) – Okay, well don’t soften it. – No, I’m just saying, like,you used to wear the shirt of– – I mean, it’s a cooljob since I was a server. I installed home theatersystems for a while and was up in people’s attics. That was fun. – This bit’s getting long.- No, but seriouslyit’s been a ton of fun. Cut this down Kelsey, make it seem like it’s more concise. Maybe zoom in right now to my face. (blows kiss) (chair rolling away) – Love you, Eric. We all love Eric. I just have one question. Are you gonna go do one of those, like, Why I Left Vat19 videoson your new channel? – Ugh. Folks, I tried my best to keep him. I offered him twelve more dollars a week and free Subway sandwiches for life. He didn’t want it. I’ll miss Eric. I love him like a coworker.(laughing) Sorry, let me say that. I love him like an employee.Alright.(claps) It’s time for fan art. (beeping tone) – [Maggie] Hi, my name isMaggie, I’m your biggest fan. And my favorite thing about your channel is you’re a really hilariousand I love your comedy. Bye! – Alright. That was some amazing fan art. Thanks for sending it in. Here is our address if you’d like to send in your own fan art and see it shown on a futureepisode of Awesome Time. And leave us a voicemail. That’s what we played whilewe showed the fan art. So, yeah, give us a call. One last time, I’d liketo say thank you to Wix for sponsoring this video. Remember, It’s time to wrap this video up. Eric, why don’t you comeon in here and join me. – [Eric] What?- Yeah. – I’ve never done this before. How do you do it? – Counter clockwise. – Wee! – Thanks for watching! – Thanks for watching! Check out the videos around us.Ow, our knees keep hitting. – Check out the videos. – They’re good. Thanks for watching,thanks for subscribing. – Thanks for watching,thanks for subscribing. – I’ll see you next time. He won’t, though. – I won’t.- Yeah. Bye, bro. – Bye. – Gonna miss ya. – [Eric] Bye, I’ll miss you. (laughing) – It’s four in the afternoon. (mouse clicking).