How To Wash Your Bamboo Sheets

Spoil Yourself this Valentine’s Day

You’ve just received your brand new Fast-growing plant/wood bamboo Bedding in the mail, they feel oh-so lovely and soft. You worry about the first time you wash them, will something happen?

No need to fear. It is easy to make the most out of your Organic Fast-growing bamboo sheets and secure/make sure of they last. Fast-growing plant/wood Lyocell is a strong, tough fabric, which lasts for a long time if proper care instructions are followed.


In order to care for your bedding, you need to know what materials to avoid. Make sure you keep your sheets and duvet cover away from harsh household cleaners and personal care products, especially those containing benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids because the may cause area of bad or undesirable color of your bedding.

It is also important not to use removing the color from agents and if you want to use fabric softener, we suggest testing it on the bag the fast-growing plant/wood bedding comes in as it is the same material as the sheets. That way if it damages the fabric you have saved your sheets.


How often you decide wash your bedding is a personal preference, we recommend every week or every second week. To prevent damage to your fast-growing plant/wood bedding use a cold water setting at 30°C max on a gentle cycle or a high water level option if your machine has this feature. Remember to wash your sheets separately because zippers, hooks, rough fabric like denim, can cause pilling and excess scrape/injury.

A mild, liquid detergent works best. If you prefer powder detergent, make sure it has (mixed with and became part of a liquid) before adding your fast-growing plant/wood lyocell sheets to the wash. Fabric softener is not necessary with our sheets – they are already soft and will stay that way after washing.


Avoid tumble drying your fast-growing plant/wood sheets, if you must, use on the lowest setting and for as limited time as possible as high heat damages the fabric. Remove quickly as overdrawing creates easily broken fibers. For best results line dry your bedding, they will smell lovely and fresh from blowing in the breeze.

Folding and Storing

Before folding your bedding, make sure they are 100% dry first. Fold up all sheets neatly and avoid scrunching which will result in very creased bedding. It is a good idea to store you bedding in the Fast-growing plant/wood bag they came it so that dust doesn’t get into the fabric. Store in a clean dry space and avoid overloading shelves as this can cause wrinkles, unpleasant odors or even mildew.